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Expert Tips To Announce Your Pregnancy To Your Boss And Co-Workers

Once we announce our pregnancy to our loved ones, we have to announce it to our boss too. Whatever our relationship is with him, we wonder how he’ll take this news.

One of the most unpleasant moments of the beginning of pregnancy is the stress that comes with the idea of announcing your pregnancy to your boss.

He can’t fire us, it’s the law, but he doesn’t have to be happy to know that.

Will he make us feel it? Will he blame us for a drop in productivity? Or, Will he support us?

All these issues are very often the cause of the problems of pregnant women.

Here are some tips to prepare for this meeting; that will give you the opportunity to announce the good news to your boss.

When Is a Pregnancy Announced?

Ideally, you don’t announce your pregnancy to your boss immediately after purchasing a drug test. To make sure that the pregnancy is going well and that the baby is well hooked; it is best to wait to see your doctor for the first time.

The doctor will confirm the pregnancy and tell you if everything seems to be going well so far.

In general, it is suggested to wait until the third month of pregnancy; before announcing it to anyone because of the risk of miscarriage during the first trimester.

Once the announcement is made to your loved ones, your boss will be able to follow.

In The Meantime: a Secret Pregnancy

By the time this is the right time; you may find the time is long. You may be told about promotion or big projects coming up, and the period of big secrets is very stressful for those who hate lying.

Don’t be too upset about keeping it a secret; it’s better than announcing a pregnancy that’s not actually a pregnancy.

Don’t blame yourself for being pregnant, either. Professionally; there’s never a good time to have a child.

It’s something you do for yourself, and you have to be happy and proud of wanting your own family.

So you need to stop blaming yourself right now.

Take advantage of this time to reflect on the changes that will occur in your career. From now on; you will be a mom who works with all the responsibilities that come with it.

Maybe you’ll have to give up some projects and some of your fighting spirit for the next few years, and the opportunities you’ll see flashing around and know you’ll have to decline will give you a good idea of what’s ahead.

Again, don’t worry too much! During your maternity leave; you will use this opportunity to assess your work and financial priorities on a maternity basis.

It is sometimes difficult to assess the impact of a child on his / her life while he/she is not in the world; so give yourself time and above all; don’t worry today about a decision you will have to make in almost 2 years!

When You Announce It, Start With Your Boss.

Whether you are afraid of not having been with your company long enough, or of being completely irreplaceable within it, you may have to prepare for your departure. Even if it’s difficult, don’t wait for your roundness to betray you. You will have to talk about your pregnancy sooner or later, and once it is confirmed by your doctor, announce the good news quickly.

Also, avoid talking to other friends in the office about it before announcing it to your superior. It’s a very hard secret to keep and the news is still spreading at high speed in the workplace. So take the time to tell your boss in the first place. It will be reassuring for him that you are showing professionalism and he will be more confident than if he happened to find out on the way to a coffee shop.

Good News For You, But Not Necessarily For Him

Even if you are so excited that you have trouble hiding your joy, this is not necessarily the case for your boss. For his part, he will have to find someone qualified to replace you and train that person and then let him go when you return from your maternity leave. Without being the end of the world, it is a small concern that will give you the impression that he is much less comfortable with your pregnancy than he actually is.

To help him, it is, therefore, preferable to arrive at this well-prepared meeting. Bring your expected date of birth, your vacation entitlement and the calculation of the portion of the parental leave you have chosen to take. This will give him a good idea of the time available and the needs to be met.

Also talk about potential complications, if any, and what your doctor has recommended you avoid in the workplace : for example, if you work in an environment that is dangerous to your health and the health of your unborn baby, where there is a lot of noise, or if your task is incompatible with pregnancy, you may need to be reassigned to another job, or you may need to be removed from a preventative position altogether.

Offer Help

To reassure your superior, also talk about the help you can give him before you go. You will surely be able to train the person who will replace you and prepare the files, contacts, and methodologies so that the transition goes smoothly.

You can even start preparing for this transition now. Every time you do a task, even if it looks simple, make a note of the passwords, the people to contact and the result to be obtained. If you do it each time, you will have prepared your departure quickly and you will be much more comfortable if you face a preventive leave or if you give birth before the scheduled date.

Laws Protect You

Although your employer is aware of the laws that protect pregnant women, you may feel violated in your rights. If your position is abolished, if you are not offered a preventive withdrawal when you should be entitled to it, if you are threatened with a permanent replacement, in short, if you think that your job is threatened by your pregnancy, you have recourse.

There are several provisions in the labor standards that you should be aware of at the beginning of your pregnancy in order to take appropriate measures if necessary.

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