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Exploring on Kids’ Knee Patches

This is how to beef up the pants of your kids by sewing its knee patches. This is a proven and effective way to be used long-lasting by 4X average. You might not be able to sew all your kid’s pants, but knowing you have created one that can be worn on its maximum, is already fulfilling. 

It would be easier to add some patch to the knees if you are sewing with a pattern to the pants of your kids. Here are some hints on kids’ knee patches.

Create a knee patch according to pattern

Get the front part of the pattern of the pants. You must look for the knee area of the pattern, where some of them are marked with a certain line (yet many don’t have). Then fold vertically the crotch and fold the hem to find the knee line. Such fold is the knee line itself, in some cases, they need to pin on the hem cuff part.

If the pattern knee line is not your kid’s knee, you are free to move the line exactly where your child’s knee is. Draw 3 lines above and below. Let these lines be closed enough to fit with a smaller child also. Like making a patch that is 5 ft. for the youngest kid.

Cut the knee patches out

From the main fabric, cut two knee patches where you may apply contrast colors depending on your preference. There can be boys who like contrast bits on their pajamas. To see the middle, vertically fold the patches and add some notches on these folds. You may consider cutting some small notches into the edge or cut them outwards as you like. Cut some fusible blending your patches, fuse them to the opposite side of your patches with the use of the iron. If you’re using steam, choose the hottest set.

Add knee patches to the frontal area

If you haven’t cut the front part of the pants yet, add the same notch you made earlier on the knee. On one of the fronts, place the patch in between or the center, pin it as you match your notches. Then, pin the other patch in its area/place.

Sew knee patches to the fronts

With the use of contrast thread, you can thread the machine up. Stitch it from top to bottom, and the patch must be near to the pressed end, then drip the sides down. From here, have the foot’s width of the machine as a guide and create more rows through stitching across the patch. You can pick your own choice of designs like zigzags, ovals or be extra creative. The target is to secure down the patch and add some strength since it might be tested, and sew similarly the 2nd knee patch.

Finish up your pants

Sew up your kids’ pants based on your pattern from there.

Generally, children can be hard on pants. Since they tend to grow faster than expected and not just that, it also involves all the jumping, scooting, climbing, crawling and any other physical activities. Even the toughest jeans will also tear down after some time of using and abusing. Even your kids did not intentionally rip the knee parts of their jeans, knee patches can turn simple trousers into something spectacular. With the use of some creativity, you can achieve designs like hearts, superheroes or monsters. You may try one of these DIY as a way of turning up some holes into a cute one:

Heart Knee Patches

Instead of putting the holey-kneed jeans on junk, you may transform it something priceless. Created from other materials, you can simply trace heart shape and sew with either needle and thread or a sewing machine.

Customized Superhero Iron On Patches

Anyone can create these kids’ knee patches since iron patches are much easier. With the use of preference superhero patches and attach to basic iron, this may lead to minor damage to the jeans but can turn into something heroic after few minutes. 

 Knee Patches with Vinyl Iron

In a short period, you can turn vinyl and lots of glittery to a nice pair of jeans or tights. You can place varied shapes and cut sizes with the use of small vinyl material, then iron the patterns into the pants of your kiddos. Such a practical creation and very easy to do.

Waterproof Knee Patches

Knee patches should remain standing even in the long run. With the combination of strong durable materials that are waterproof, these patches can hold its mud, rain, dirt, concrete and gravel. Such a great innovation for natural water as well as tear.

The Monster Patches 

These patches can reflect the monsters and may appear terrifying. Just apply a little creativity as you do the stitching and some fabric may lead to a monstrous look but so adorable.

The Minecraft Knee Patches

To begin, have the felt fabric and the sewing machine plus little idea of how the Minecraft characters look like to be able to resemble them. This can be done from sweatpants to the tough pair of jeans, as this fabric ensures versatility.

Painted Knee Patches

Kids at all ages may have the same stage of damage on their jeans, but this should not be an excuse for them not to enjoy the fun of patches. With the help of a bit colorful fabric paint, the small tights have been improved. This work can be done in just a couple of minutes aside from the small-time of drying and the stencil.

As a parent, you may be very busy with jugging things especially with your kids or the family as a whole. But, there should still be an avenue to express your creativity just like making some kids knee patches. For the years of being a kid are the years of formation, these are something your children would apply in their life someday.

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