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Flu Awareness to Your Kid’s Health

Whenever your child gets sick, you can’t help but panic. You somehow wish the pain will transfer to you so that your kid will not suffer. However, that’s what most parents do actually. They must and they should always attend to their child’s illnesses and sickness. A kid is always prone to sickness as their immune system isn’t that strong enough yet.

One of the most common sicknesses most kids nowadays acquire was having flu and sometimes, fever always goes along with it. It’s very painful to see them crying and wishing it will be finally over. If you are a parent who wants to know what are the usual remedies and causes of flu, then this article is the best read you can have. Take time to read about flu and learn some tips on how to prevent flu for your child. 

What is the flu?

Flu is an infection that causes illness and in turn, causes fever, cough, and muscle aches. Generally, people can really get ill. And there are so many causes why they get a fever and one of the reasons is because of the flu or colds. You don’t get as ill with a cold so you can have a runny nose, you can have a sore throat, which basically cannot be seen with flu. 

People especially high-risk groups and those would be in children under the age of two or people over the age of fifty especially people over the age of sixty-five who are groups that are a higher risk for complications. According to studies, they are more likely to acquire because of the weak immune system. 

Difference between colds and flu

The common denominator is that they are both caused by different viruses. When we think of cold and flu, we think of symptoms involved in the nasal passages, sinuses, and sour throat. 

With colds, it can be because of a number of different respiratory viruses. Symptoms can be milder than flu. You can have a runny nose, congestion, mild sore throat, and mild cough, but it is not as bigger the deal and, maybe a mild fever. 

Now when it comes to flu, it is a different story, It is more severe it involves all the same symptoms, but its typically as a company by a high fever. We usually get this terrible body and muscle pain. You can be practically bedridden and it can last about a week or so but it could go longer.

How is flu transmitted

The flu viruses can easily be transmitted to a person through coughing, sneezing, and unwashed hands particularly. When people are endorse in close proximity to each other flu and other respiratory viruses are easily transmitted quite quickly through populations. In other words, flu can be airborne acquired. The influence of viruses can infect anyone but some of the most vulnerable populations are the very young, the very old and people who have an underlying health condition.

How is flu treated?

We do have medicine that can be used to treat flu it can be given and it works best if you take it early in the course of your illness shortly after you develop the first symptoms. What is most important is that, whenever you get flu, you should really get some rest. Drink a lot of water as it can be an effective natural remedy and take medicines to help control your fever. 

You can also use over-the-counter reducers and these fever reducers will also help your headache and your body aches that often severe with the flu. There are other things that you can buy over-the-counter, just like cough suppressants. You also want to get plenty of rest and want to drink plenty of water if you really do have flu. 

Most likely you are not going to be able to go out because you will be feeling too bad to be going out to work or school. Consider making a sick room a place when you can go and you can heal yourself. A room where you can isolate yourself to avoid being contagious to anyone.

Ways to prevent flu

The most important protection against flu that we need to have is a good respiratory and immune system. So that, whenever you are sick you only need to drink medicine, cover your mouth, wash your hands really well, recognize people around you. 

If you observe that some people around you most probably have flu, you just avoid them until they get well. You can also put on protecting masks to protect your mouth and nose from any bacteria. 

Cold and flu home remedies

Try these simple remedies to ease your flu or colds symptoms

  • Drink lots of warm liquids like tea with lemon and honey to stay hydrated and clear mucus
  • Take a long hot shower to steam to ease congestion and clear your sinuses
  • Drink chicken soup to boost immune defenses.  
  • Do not eat spicy foods yet
  • Take vitamins regularly to boost the immune system

Kids health

As parents, it is important that we should know all the information on how our kids have good health and you should support your children to be healthy and happy as they grow. Find top tips and advice on all aspects of children for keeping kids active and eating well to build their confidence. These are the common things you should do to make your child safe from any flu or colds.

Eat fruits and vegetables  

Kids must eat healthy foods for them to be able to have a strong body. Eating more fruits and vegetables helps provide your children with vitamins and minerals which are very important for the kid’s growth and health. 

You can fit more fruits and vegetables to your kids and don’t be afraid to try it. Just mix it, and slice it. However, you can teach them the three-bite rule, and try at least 3 bites of each vegetable or fruit they eat. Add fruits and vegetables to the food, and you’ll see they will love it. For example, add the vegetable to the pizza to create a healthy pizza for them, soup, or noodles add fruits to cereals and other breakfast foods go ahead and mixed it. 

Limit your children’s gadget time to 2 hours 

Limit your children in front of screens such as television, computer, cellphone, or electronic games could be very hard for them, especially if they are already hooked up to it. But always remember that lessening their time in front of the screen can help them live a healthier life. Don’t allow them to watch television while eating. Make meals and do family time and talk about your day it can be helpful.

Get some exercise

Exercise is one of the most important habits that every person in this world should practice. Letting your kids start at a very young age is one way of keeping them healthy and free from any viruses.

Sugary drinks

Drinking water and milk instead of drinks with lots of sugar such as soda, pop, or energy drinks are beneficial for your kid’s health. Although soda or pop might taste yummy it gives no nutrients to your children’s body. 

Water is an important and very healthy drink child could ever have. Not only it is natural, but also it contains nutrients that most sugary drinks don’t have.

Wrapping up 

Always remember to train your kids to live a healthy lifestyle even if they are young. Remember that they are vulnerable and any diseases can be acquired easily by them. Make sure you will be the best example of having a very healthy lifestyle for them. Flu and any viruses are anywhere and it only takes an unhealthy kid to acquire it. Always ask for a doctor’s advice and know more about the things to avoid illnesses such as flu to your kids. 

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