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Food Preparation – 8 Healthy, Easy Breakfast Ideas for Toddlers

As most of us say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Well, this is absolutely true most especially to kids, especially toddlers. Feeding your little ones a healthy kind of breakfast can sometimes be a challenge as they can be picky eaters. Your toddler is growing and it is imperative for us mothers to make sure he gets a healthy breakfast.

Overwhelming may it seems as toddlers usually have a mind of their own, it still pays off for mothers to come up with easy, healthy breakfast ideas for toddlers. Here are some of them:

1.Smoothies for breaky

Smoothies are a delicious way to provide your kids with plenty of fruit, protein, vitamin C, and calcium to begin their day. You can try endless combinations that can come in vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free. Make every smoothie fun to drink by giving allowing them to use colorful straws or with special, attractive cups. They’ll find it exciting to have some smoothies or milkshakes for the first meal of the day.

2. Early morning porridge

Porridge for breakfast, why not? Making porridge for a toddler’s breakfast isn’t only healthy but exciting as well if you allow your kid in the preparation. Let him scoop the oats by himself and never mind the mess as you can clean them up later. Keeping your child involved in the making of his meal allows him to feel curious about how would his porridge taste like. You can have a lot of topping choices for your porridge and it will also be thrilling to make use of vibrant bowls.

3. The all-time favorite pancakes

Who can ever forget pancakes for breakfast? They are the perfect finger food for your toddler’s breakfast as you really don’t need them to use utensils. They are fun to indulge into by either spreading the toppings or simply dipping them. You really don’t have to be particular with the size and shapes as you can use a pancake mold to make fun and cute pancakes for the kids.

Pancake toppings can be strawberry jam, hummus, almond butter, cream cheese, and peanut butter.

4. Tiny muffins

Little fingers need mini muffins! Tiny yet delish, mini muffins are easy to make and are very palatable to kids. The best version is the blueberry muffins that every toddler will love.

Try to bake muffins whenever you feel you can and have them stored in an airtight jar inside the fridge and serve them to your kids. You can warm them to make them taste like freshly baked.

5. Mini waffle sandwiches

How about some mini waffle sandwiches for your little munchkin? Try making a peanut butter sandwich with mini waffles. The most favorite part is to taste the sweetness of the honey or maple syrup on top of these heavenly waffles! As one of the most favorite of the kids, waffles can be made instantly and easily! A lot of waffle recipes can be found online and they are easy and fun to make with kids.

6. Granola bar

Healthy and convenient, a granola bar for a toddler’s breakfast is perfect when paired with some yogurt or milk. Make your own bars with some bits of chopped nuts and dried fruits, and store them in the fridge. Kids will love these to start their day!

7. Cereals with yogurt

Nutritious and scrumptious! Give your toddler cereal in the morning which comes even more perfect with yogurt and fruits like kiwi, apples, or bananas. If they find yogurt too sour, you can add a bit of honey.

8. Yummy cookies

If you want to please your little ones in the morning, make them some cookies! Paired with a warm glass of milk, cheese, or egg, your kids will definitely love crunchy, delicious cookies for breakfast!

Tips on how to prepare healthy breakfast ideas for toddlers

Indeed, feeding a toddler needs a lot of patience and creativity. It can be disappointing, tiring, and messy. However, it can be made easier if you bear in mind these few tips while teaching your little one to practice good eating habits and not to become a picky-eater.

1. Cut their food into sticks and cubes.

This trick allows them to pick their food easily and put into their mouth.

2.Experiment with new ideas.

There are tons of ideas you can get from the internet when it comes to healthy food recipes but sometimes there’s no wrong to think out of the box and create and formulate your own.

3. Minimize sugar.

Too much of something is really bad enough. When you do the preparation of your kid’s breakfast, you have the freedom to control the amount of sugar added to the foods you prepare.

4. Give them fruits he hasn’t eaten yet.

Give your toddler’s palate something new by introducing to him fruits that he may not usually eat.

5. Store the food properly.

You can always prepare their breakfast a few days before they eat them as long as you properly store them in the fridge. Make sure you use appropriate containers and don’t hesitate to use colorful, vibrant, cute utensils or storage stuff.

Breakfast is the meal that shouldn’t be skipped. Our toddlers need an adequate amount of nutrients for them their optimum growth and development. As parents, it is our duty to find and prepare only the best and healthiest breakfast for them. We all have our own ways on how to feed our little ones. But, what’s important is that we make sure they get the needed balanced meals for them to grow healthy and happy.

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