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Fruits for Pregnancy: What are the Benefits of Eating Dates During Pregnancy

Did eating dates help your labor? Dates are known as ‘Dactylifera‘ in Greek, ‘Dátil‘ in Spanish, ‘Tamr/Rotab’ in Arabic, and  ‘Khajoor/Khajur‘ in Hindi. 

Is your due date near already? Talking about your labor, all you want is an easy and healthy delivery. Many things can help you induce labor easier but there’s something surprising about dates as well. What are the benefits of eating dates during pregnancy? You may also ask what are the benefits of dates to a woman. Well, researches said that eating dates in late pregnancy can be effective in shortening your labor and it promotes healthy delivery. There is a lot of researches about the benefits of dry fruits in pregnancy but it’s not applicable to all pregnancy situations. If you are not sure about the benefits of eating dates during pregnancy, continue reading this article.

Is Eating Dates Safe During Pregnancy?

You might ask, is it safe to eat dates during the first trimester? Well, dates are actually safe and it has positive benefits to you and your baby. Dates have fructose sugar that breaks down quickly to provide your body with the energy it needs. You can eat dates and pineapple to induce labor because they stimulate contractions and can shorten your labor. 

Benefits of Eating Dates During Pregnancy 

“Here are some of the benefits of eating dates during pregnancy that are important”

  • Dates provide energy

As mentioned earlier, dates can supply your body the required sugar without adding calories so you will get the energy that you need. During your pregnancy, you really need more energy than usual so eating dates can help you get the energy that you need.

  • It keeps constipation away

For the reason that dates are rich in fiber, they help your digestive system to become healthier and it can treat your constipation. It can also reduce cholesterol levels so you can maintain a healthier weight during pregnancy.

  • It can produce amino acids

Proteins produce amino acids and dates provide enough amount of proteins needed by your body to produce amino acids for your body growth.

  • Prevents birth defects

Dates provide folate which can prevent birth defects related to the brain and spinal cord.

  • Vitamin K for your baby

Vitamin K helps in blood clotting and bone development and babies are born with low Vitamin K. So eating dates can meet the Vitamin K requirement of the mother’s body while breastfeeding.

  • Prevents anemia

Dates can provide the iron content you need during your pregnancy that can prevent your baby to have anemia. 

  • Water-salt balance

Dates contain potassium which regulates blood and avoids muscle cramps. It can also prevent kidney-related issues.

  • Bones and teeth for your baby

Dates provide magnesium which aids in the formation of teeth and bones for your baby and prevents liver and kidney abnormalities. 

When to Eat Dates?

First Trimester

Can I eat dates during the first trimester of pregnancy? Constipation is a common problem during the first trimester and eating dates in the first trimester of pregnancy can prevent it. However, eating dates during the first trimester should be in moderation especially if you have blood sugar problems.

Second Trimester

During your second trimester, you can probably have gestational diabetes. Before eating dates during your second trimester, you must ask your doctor first if you will include them in your diet. 

Third Trimester

In your third trimester, one of the benefits of eating dates during pregnancy is that it can make your labor shorter and easier. Pregnant women can actually eat at least six dates a day starting at the 36th week which is approximately four weeks before the due date. 

Some women, on the other hand, avoid eating dates during summer because dates are believed to produce heat and can also upset the stomach or body temperature. Above all, there is no certain study that eating dates should be avoided when you are pregnant. As mentioned, dates have a lot of nutrients that can be beneficial for you and for your baby especially when you think of surviving pregnancy with a toddler and it is not your first pregnancy. Who would not want an easy pregnancy and labor?  

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