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How to Teach your Toddler to Pee: Potty Training Tips for You?

Between the ages one to two years old, there will be signs a toddler needs to pee. Your child may show that he/she is ready for toilet or potty training. If your child refuses to urinate even if he/she is feeling it, it’s maybe because your toddler doesn’t know when to pee. Actually, there are a lot of potty training methods. You might think, “How to teach my toddler to pee?” and how can you come up with his/her potty training schedule. Parents must know the importance of toilet training to prevent a toddler from urinating or worst, pooping anywhere plus, you don’t want your child holding urine all day. 

As a child becomes a toddler, potty training is a must but it is not an easy task. How to teach my toddler to pee is a common question for new parents. Teaching your kid to take control of his bowel and bladder movements is a hard thing and challenging thing to do. There can also be accidents along the way so we listed some tips on how to get a toddler release urine but be prepared because you will need a lot of patience and perseverance. 

How to teach your toddler to pee

Know and understand “ready” signs

According to a study by the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, between a toddler’s 24 to 32 months is the age as the most effective time frame for parents to start the potty training of their child. Experts also recommended that it is best to start the training when a toddler starts showing signs like: 

Introduce your child to a toilet pot 

Make your child familiar with a potty seat to avoid potty training problems because it is important that he/she is comfortable about using it before you start the training. Don’t force him to use the pot immediately. You can use a standalone potty seat or toddler-size potty seat depending on your preference. 

Choose the right clothing for your child

How to teach my toddler to pee tip number 3 is to let your child sit on the pot fully clothed then eventually make him sit without his/her diaper. Let your child wear clothes that can be easily taken off, dropped the ankles, and kicked off immediately. 

 Be with your child

Keep your child company while he/she is learning especially when your child is on the potty chair, stay with him/her and calm him/her by talking to him/her. 

Show your child how to use the pot

Once there are signs your child is ready to potty train, let your child see how the pot is used the let him do what you did. Remember, what children see is what children do. 

Know his pee routine

Toddlers usually have bladder movements every 2 hours or when they had large drinks so you can take him/her to the pot at these times. 

Praise your child

How to teach my toddler to pee tip number 4 is to praise him/her for doing it and don’t scold him when he/she urinated or pooped. You can also give him small rewards like stickers and let him pick out new child underwear to wear. 

Have patience with your child

The potty training can be time-consuming and it could take 6 months to properly train your child. You must remember to be patient and supportive with your child because this is an important moment for him/her. Do not scold your child and force him/her to go because it won’t help your child. 

Pediatrician’s advice

For an expert’s advice, most pediatricians recommend using a cloth nappy instead of a diaper for your child to feel the wetness. This can trigger discomfort that makes your child show acts that he/she needs to use the toilet. If you have been struggling at the training for a long time, visit your child’s doctor.

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