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Safety Reminders: Things Not to do After Giving Birth

Safety Reminders: Things Not to do After Giving Birth

You have carried your baby in your womb for nine months. Then came the day of your child’s birth. After spending days in the hospital, you are finally back home. And if you think that’s the end of it, you’re wrong. You might have just finished phase one but here’s a lot of work ahead. You will be taking care of the newborn and your older kids as well. You’re in charge of the house chores again and other errands as well.    

But don’t push your self too far and too soon. There are restrictions that mothers should consider after giving birth. Remember you have just gone through a lot of physical pain during the past days and that is not something that should be ignored. To be sure and to be safe, what are the things mothers should not do after giving birth?

Do not ignore warning signs.

Don’t think that all changes are natural. You might overlook your health since you think that you are not pregnant anymore and your focus is on your new baby. Be wary of some signals that might mean that you need to visit your doctor again.

  • Bleeding that soaks a pad every hour in two consecutive hours.
  • Blood clots that are larger than a quarter.
  • Vaginal discharge with foul odor.
  • High fever.
  • Terrible pain.
  • Swelling, redness, and discharge from the cesarean incision.
  • Terrible pain.
  •  Problems and irregularities in your urine and when urinating.
  • Severe headache, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Pain, warmth or tenderness in the legs.
  • Visual disturbance. It can be a sign of preeclampsia.
  • You’re not bleeding at all. 

Don’t take these signs for granted. Visit your doctor immediately. Don’t self-medicate.

Don’t go swimming or take regular baths.

This doesn’t mean that it is okay to be unhygienic. It means long baths and swimming after giving birth that may cause water to go up and enter unhealed internal and external wounds. Showers are safe. Being clean is always a must. It’s not only good for you but your baby as well. 

Do not use tampons.

It is not only uncomfortable, it can also introduce bacteria and infection. Bleeding can be inevitable during the early days after delivery. Use wide pads and change them as often as necessary.

Don’t poop too hard.

Eat foods that are rich in fiber and drink plenty of water to avoid straining when you poop. It can cause bleeding or damage healing tissues and stitches. 

Don’t hold your pee.

You’ll be peeing differently after giving birth. It will hurt but your bladder needs to be cleansed and to be emptied when they are full.  

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Do not lose weight right ahead.

You can diet later, but not now. Okay, you might not like how your body looks like but be proud, you just bear and gave birth to a new life. You need healthy calories now for your body to heal and replace the blood and energy you lose. You need a lot of it to take care of the new baby. Your tiny boss needs a lot of breastmilk too and eating the right food can help you produce more.  

Do not start any exercises unless your doctor has given you a go. Allow your body to adjust and recuperate, diet and losing weight can be done when your body is ready.  

Don’t have sex.

Not now, not yet. Allow your body to recuperate and your wounds to heal. Having sex after childbirth can be a way to introduce bacteria and infection to the body. 

Days can be very busy. Give your self-time to rest and relax. You need it. There can also be a lot of postpartum emotions, but don’t worry about it. Talk to your mother or mother-in-law, your friends and sisters who are already mothers. They can all assist you and give you a boost to be the best mother your baby can be proud of. Take necessary precautions for you and your baby’s safety and do not forget to take note of the things mothers should not do after giving birth. 

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