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How can i Educate my Kids Using Videos?

How can i Educate my Kids Using Videos?

Educating kids is one of the most challenging parts in parents’ life. There are so many ways that kids can learn and get influence. Some are a good influence but many are bad influences on them. That’s why parents are trying their best to find educational methods and tools that will help their kids learn and become smart at school. In this modern era, there are more ways and resources to teach children more than ever. Information is accessible, fast and limitless. That’s why parents are stepping up their game. And there is much available help they can find on the internet and anywhere. As long as they filter it on what’s useful, educational and harmless to the children.

One of the most effective tools in teaching kids is actually videos. Children are fascinated with animation, sound, and colorful moving objects so it’s easy for them to focus on videos. They are not easily bored with watching videos because they are usually designed to capture the viewers’ interests and attention. However, parents should also need to be extra careful in letting their kids watch videos. As there are many useful and educational videos available, there are also worthless and harmful videos that the kids may accidentally watch. That’s why it is important for the parents to supervise their watching. Also, kids may entice in watching videos all the time and won’t read or play outside anymore. Parents should also limit their kids’ exposure to gadgets and the internet so that they will not neglect other sources of learning. However, by researching, parents can find educational videos that are child-friendly, high quality, and not harmful to kids as well.

Here are some recommended educational videos for kids:

 1. Smithsonian channel

Although you may not have access to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, unless you live near Washington D.C., you can access Smithsonian Channel on Youtube. There your kids can learn about monkeys, World War II, and many more, all in one reliable source. Your kids will surely enjoy this roller coaster ride of videos.

 2. Houston zoo

If your kids have a fascination with animals, you should definitely check out Houston Zoo. These videos give your kids access to many educational attractions that they may otherwise never be able to visit in person. By using these videos, kids are introduced to so many animals that they have never seen or known. 

 3. Sesame street

Your kids will definitely love the characters in Sesame Street, or they already do. These videos are really excellent in making learning fun and entertaining experience for your children. Kids will definitely love to repeat watching these videos because it is very light to watch and very child-friendly.

 4. It’s okay to be smart

The name says it all. These videos are all about science, the pleasure of discovering things, about our amazing planet and universe we live in. These videos will easily become the favorites of those kids who love science. They will enhance their interests in science and can mold them into their aspirations. 

 5. The brain scoop

The Brain Scoop was created by Chicago’s Fiel Museum. These Youtube channels engage children with interesting videos like “The Human Biology Collection”. Kids will definitely love these unique videos that will stir their young minds to the world of amazing adventures and discoveries. Kids who love adventures and thrills will definitely enjoy and learn more about these types of videos.

 6. WordWorldPBS

This is a reputable source for kid-friendly and high-quality content videos. Your child will learn and see animated and animal-themed content. They will surely appreciate these kinds of videos. They will be fascinated by these are possible and will surely want to watch more.

 7. Smart girls

These videos teach DIYS that kids will love. These videos include how to make fizzing bath bombs and the like. It also provides profiles of astronauts and scientists. These videos are designed to inspire young girls to become successful women someday and to get involved in social and global issues. 

 8. SciShow

The kids will have the chance to explore the unexpected with these videos. Videos are random questions that can make us think and want to learn. For example, videos about “Why dogs can’t eat chocolate?”, or “What really killed the dinosaurs?”. Your kids are going to enjoy exploring fascinating questions about things around us and more!

 9. SoulPancake

These videos offer learnings about art, science, culture, philosophy, and more. Kids will definitely get hook with the interesting stuff they will discover in these videos. Because these videos have a wide range of subjects and topics, kids will definitely find their field of interest and maybe develop interests in fields that they don’t mind at first.

 10. TED-Ed

This Youtube Channel is from TED Talks. It is committed to making lessons worth sharing. Kids will definitely learn a lot in these famous videos. They will also learn and be challenged with riddles and investigation. 

For sure, there are more videos available on the internet for helping your kids learn more about so many things. But listed above are some recommended, child-friendly, and high-quality videos. They come from a popular and reliable source of information that parents can trust on. Your kids will definitely enjoy the variety of videos they can watch. But remember parents, to always have responsible supervision and with moderation in letting kids use gadgets and the internet. You can activate the parental controls on the child’s device so that you can monitor the content that they’re watching. Learning in multimedia sources are limitless and convenient. But remember not to replace it with learning like reading books or visiting places. All of these different sources of knowledge and information can combine hand-in-hand in fulfilling one goal, that is to provide education to young ones. And hopefully, contribute to their growth, skills, and abilities that can help them become successful individuals in the future. 

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