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What are the Top Educational Apps for Kids?

Since the age of the internet and high-tech gadgets have come our time now, kids are adapting to the fast pace remarkably. Modern-day kids just love to play on gadgets. They are very fast in learning how to use gadgets and they may even exceed their parents on how much they know and explore them. It’s like almost human nature to them. True, it can be beneficial to give them a little screen time but parents should be extra careful in what they let their kids explore in the gadgets. They should keep in mind to monitor them and guide them often. 

For the past decades, education has gone a very big transformation. With the creation of apps, learning has been accessible and convenient. Educational apps now channel the gap between kids and teachers. To make playing on gadgets go to the next level, educational apps are a nice option. It will allow kids to still learn even by using gadgets for entertainment. These apps engage the kids’ brains and allow them to think. For sure, kids will learn while having fun!

Here are the Top 10 recommended educational apps for kids:

1. Crossword puzzles

This is an amazing tool for fast learner kids. Of course, even adults play and enjoy this. The puzzles may be slightly basic than adults’ games but it sure does challenges and stimulates the child’s brain and thinking ability. This actually supports a big part of learning things that are school-related and will help your kids excel in school. This app guarantees fun!

2. Crayola color, draw & sing

Bring creativity to a whole new level with the Crayola Color, Draw & Sing app. Your kid will choose a song to listen to while working on a drawing. Every action, including scribbling, coloring, and choosing new colors will unlock a new feature in the track that’s playing. By the end of the drawing and coloring, your young artist is able to complete a beautiful picture and a song at the same time.

3. YouTube kids

This version of YouTube is made exclusively for kids. Youtube Kids offers so many entertainment and educational videos that can enhance and inspire your kids’ young minds. This app is one of the best learning apps available because kids can have easy access to their favorite shows. Also, this offers a lot more interesting videos that kids can explore and discover. This is very child-friendly, user-friendly, and family-oriented.

4. Spelling stage

The spelling stage is a unique app that offers fun in spelling. Although most kids may don’t like spelling or finding it hard to spell words, this is very entertaining and can encourage that spelling can be fun. They have a paid subscription available. It offers a wide scope of different age groups.

5. Classdojo

This educational app falls into the virtual classroom learning. It allows students, teachers, and parents to interact with each other. For example, your kids can talk to their teachers about educational needs, and parents can monitor their kids’ progress. It enriches the normal classroom experience without replacing it.

6. Duolingo

An interesting educational app that helps kids learn a foreign language. It is simple and easy to use. This app offers languages like Spanish, Italian, English, French and many more. This is completely free to download and use. This app is amazingly fun and effective for kids.

7. Science360

With just the name of the app, this is obviously for Science subjects. This app is actually created by the National Science Foundation. It offers advanced science and basic engineering videos for kids. You can be sure that videos are of high quality and authentic. One of the coolest features is that a 360-degree view that can be controlled so kids can explore the 3D images and places in any angle. This feature offers almost real-life experience in the places that they would otherwise never be able to visit.

8. Quick maths

This app focuses on helping kids become good with numbers. This offers general math skills to grade school students. Quick Maths increases skills in solving math challenges and helps them to still enjoy as well. This helps mold a child’s mind that Math can be fun!

9. Stack the states

This app allows kids to learn about state flags, capitals, geography, and related facts. Once she answers, she can stack up stars and move on to new questions. Once she has enough stacks, she will reach the checked line and can enter new levels and challenges. This is a nice app that focuses more on these subjects. Kids who love geography and the like will find this interesting and fun for sure!

10. Skyview

This is a unique app for kids to learn about stars and constellations. When you open the app, just point your device to the night sky and it will identify the stars and constellations. Kids can learn and familiarize the names of these wonderful heavenly objects.

There are more top educational apps for kids in the App Store or Google Play for sure, but you can look up to each of the suggestions above to see it for yourself and for your kids’ preference. You can focus first on what certain subject or field of learning your kids are interested in and inclined so that you will enhance their gifts and skills on that. But don’t limit them with their preference. When you introduce new subjects, they might find it interesting later on especially when they are learning and enjoying it. And most importantly, to address subjects that they least like or even hate, these educational apps can help them change that perspective early on in life. You can definitely equip them with a flexible attitude and multi-skills that they can use when they need it. Children at an early age are so eager to learn about the world. That’s why introducing the right educational apps for them is a good decision. But as parents, always monitor their time in using gadgets as well. Their screen time should still be limited. 

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