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How Long Does a Cryptic Pregnancy Last? Causes, Symptoms

A cryptic pregnancy,or, you can find it under the name of stealth pregnancy,it’s a regular medical testing option that can hard to detect. Cryptic pregnancies are not similar, but also it’s not a known case of pregnancy.

It’s disappointing if you’re thinking of getting pregnant, and become completely certain that you are, in case that related to a blood or urine checkup, it’s not possible. A cryptic pregnancy might make you lost in a mixture of emotions, too.

It’s confusing to discover that you are already pregnant as late at your seven, eight, or nine months into it. Various women with cryptic pregnancy are surprised by having labor pains as their real first sign of pregnancy.

Scroll down and discover the causes, symptoms, and how long does a cryptic pregnancy last.

What Are The Symptoms Of a Cryptic Pregnancy?

To know how a cryptic pregnancy can’t be detectable. It may help to understand the mechanism of a normal pregnancy in its early phases. In the U.S a large woman finds out that they are pregnant in their 5 to 12 weeks after conception.

A simple home checkup will help you to discover that you are pregnant. In case you missed your period by showing a positive result. However, urine, blood test, and an ultrasound checkup will confirm the pregnancy. Most women understand that having fatigue, nausea, mood swings as symptoms of pregnancy during the first trimester.

While having a cryptic pregnancy, nothing seems to normal pregnancy, all symptoms lead to discovering that you are pregnant can’t be shown. In the other hand, a pregnancy test can appear negative even by missing your period.

In case you’ve been informed that you had infertility, or your period it’s not regular to start with, that would mean that the pregnancy it’s the last thing you will think of.

It’s kind of confusing in the off chance that you are pregnant and you are missing the symptoms. Especially in the case that you’ve never been pregnant, it’s easy to let go of more than a symptom of pregnancy like gaining weight, fetal movement, and fatigue because of daily routine or lifestyle choices.

When the hormones of pregnancy are in a low level, it kind of impossible to notice your pregnancy symptoms.

What Causes a Cryptic Pregnancy?

Slight bleeding that looks like a period it can be because of fluctuating hormones. In the off chance that you are not missing your period while feeling the same as every time, so there is no reason to take a pregnancy test.

This can be combined with common causes of cryptic pregnancy, for that numerous women can be pregnant for months without knowing it.

There are many conditions associated with cryptic pregnancy, here some conditions you should know:

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): this condition can be the reason for limiting your fertility, unbalancing your hormones, and cause the irregular periods
  • Perimenopause: it’s the period between the time that your period starts and when it stops. Perimenopause symptoms can be imitated by any pregnancy symptoms like weight gain and fluctuations hormones.
  • It’s possible to get pregnant another time just after pregnancy and before your period. By breastfeeding and hormonal factors can be the cause of making late the ovulation and your period for many months after birth, you may consider your symptoms are just your body fitting to its postpartum state, but in reality, you are pregnant again.
  • Having a body with low fat or practicing athletic activities can cause your late period for months. Practicing high impact sport can be a reason to have low levels of hormones that can make detecting a pregnancy so hard.

How Long Does a Cryptic Pregnancy Last?

There is no trusted source that gives an exact answer for how long a cryptic pregnancy can last. It’s hard to collect data because in the case of women who are not aware of their pregnancy; they can just tell you when their pregnancy finished; without having any idea about how long it began.

A cryptic pregnancy can last longer than a normal one because it’s related to a very low hormone level at the beginning.

Another theory proves that lack of parental care, poor diet, and lifestyle choices could increase the chance to make it last longer.

How Can Pregnancy Tests Be Negative If You’re Pregnant?

Pregnancy tests and even ultrasounds can seem negative in case you’re encountering a cryptic pregnancy. For those reasons, it’s different on case to case basis, but overall; the following applies:

On the off chance that you have PCOS; missed or absent periods, are extremely active or athletic; or have given birth lately

If you consider yourself fitting into that category you are more likely to have fluctuating hormones. In the case that the home pregnancy test doesn’t give you a positive result, it’s referred to as the pregnancy hormone.

If You Have An Inconclusive Ultrasound

Indeed, even ultrasound can neglect to locate a developing fetus if it’s not looking in the correct spot. In the event that past testing has shown that you aren’t pregnant; it’s likewise conceivable that an ultrasound technician won’t invest a ton of energy searching for a developing fetus.

In case you’re approved to get an ultrasound notwithstanding a negative pregnancy test, it’s conceivable a pregnancy won’t appear in the 1st trimester for many reasons:

  • an abnormality in where the embryo is implanted
  • the way your uterus is molded
  • an error on the part of the ultrasound tech

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