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Lemongrass and Pregnancy: is it Safe for the Baby?

Everyone has an opinion about the different diet tips and health suggestions about pregnancy. One common debatable topic is about the use of herbs when you are pregnant, specifically the use of lemongrass. The health benefits of lemongrass have been known even before ancient times. It is considered as one of the versatile herbs that have a lot of uses whether in the household or for personal use. During pregnancy, the essential thing that you can do to protect your body and your baby is to watch out for your food and drink intake.

In this modern world; almost all information is now available on the internet so you can easily pinpoint which one is good for you and not. If there are already studies conducted about animals having a negative impact on the use of lemongrass during their pregnancy; are you still willing to take risks? In this article; we’ll know more about the effects of lemongrass and how it affects pregnancy.

Is lemongrass safe for pregnancy?

Lemongrass is a healthy herb that is rich in different nutrients such as iron; calcium; folic acid; zinc; magnesium; Vitamin A and C. These are just some of the nutrients that are beneficial for pregnant women but since lemongrass consists of other ingredients that may cause adverse reactions to both the mother and fetus; experts urge pregnant women not to take lemongrass in any form especially in high concentrations. When lemongrass extracts are used for different cuisine; it may not have any effects on your condition but just keep in mind to eat in moderation.

The use of lemongrass is best to consume before planning to get pregnant so as to equip yourselves with nutrients that will prepare your body for pregnancy. It is also suitable to use it after pregnancy since it has antibacterial; antiseptic and antifungal properties for easy recovery of pregnancy wounds.

Side effects of lemongrass to pregnancy

There is not much research about the effects of lemongrass on pregnancy but there have been cases reported about different abnormalities experienced during pregnancy that is linked to the use of lemongrass. These are the reasons why lemongrass is not suitable for pregnancy:

  • Ingredients

Lemongrass consists of two compounds which are the Myrcene and Citral. These compounds were first used to pregnant rats, and it was, later on, found out that it causes birth defects to its offspring. High doses of lemongrass are known to rupture the linings of the uterus that may lead to miscarriage. When these ingredients combine with the cells presented in the womb; it releases apoptotic properties that kill these healthy cells delaying the growth of the unborn child.

  • Changes in blood sugar

The use of lemongrass is known to reduce blood glucose levels. Pregnant women are prone to gestational diabetes that is why they are not advised to use high amounts of lemongrass during pregnancy. When there is a sudden decrease in their glucose levels; they are advised to consult their gynecologist as soon as possible so as not to affect the supply of blood circulating on the baby and so that the sudden drop of glucose level won’t cause any other complications.

  • Allergies

Your body is prone to different allergens if you are pregnant because of some antibodies that are missing in action. You may not have allergies to lemongrass before but now that you are pregnant, your body reacts differently to different stimuli. If it so happens that your body is irritated or allergic to it you may experience breathing difficulties, throat swelling; chest pain; and rashes.

  • Stimulates menstrual flow

Lemongrass is known to initiate the menstrual flow; especially for those who have an irregular menstrual cycle. However; even if you are pregnant; if there is a triggering factor to menstruate; the blood will flow which may be a cause of miscarriage.

Uses of lemongrass that are beneficial to pregnancy

The intake of lemongrass in high concentrations is not advisable to pregnancy but pregnant women can still use it for aesthetic and relaxation purposes. Lemongrass can now be considered as a miracle herb because of its uses and benefits. In making use of different products infused with lemongrass, make sure that you are using all-natural and organic products so that it would still be safe for you and your baby.


During pregnancy, it can’t be avoided that your skin will lose elasticity and moisture. The use of skin care products that has infused extracts of lemongrass will help in skin revitalization to help you achieve clear skin that is free from impurities.

Essential oils

Lemongrass has a natural smell that gives a relaxing vibe. You can use this essential oil while relaxing before bedtime after a long and tiring day. If you are pregnant, it is always important to have a quiet time for yourself to let go of anxiety and stress.

Muscle relaxant

It is normal for pregnant women to experience muscle cramps. There are lemongrass oils that will not only help relieve cramps but you can also use it for different bodily aches, you’ll just need to apply an ample amount to the area.

Deodorizer and cleaner

A clean and fresh environment is necessary for pregnant women to avoid any bacteria that will carry different kinds of illnesses. The use of lemongrass is an effective deodorizer and an instant sanitizer.

Final thoughts

It is always advisable for pregnant women to consult their doctor first before trying out different kinds of herbs because not all known herbs that are beneficial are suitable for pregnancy. You should be mindful in choosing the right food that will nourish you and your baby so as not to cause any problems in the future.

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