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What Not To Put On The Baby Registry

The Kingdom of the baby team will write today about the most important things that you don’t need to put on your baby registry. In this article, we will list you thirteen things you don’t need on your baby registry.

1. Wipe Warmer

The baby can wake up during night survival time because of the humidity and temperature of the room which makes the baby sweating and the mother try to wipe and refresh her baby as possible as she can. This is not a problem anymore because the companies and scientists did a lot of diaper changes and on the baby’s bed to make the sweat less.

2. Infant Bath

Having a bath with your baby was one of the most amazing thing which make you and your baby relax and spend good time together, but by time it became not necessary especially when your baby is growing up and there are a lot of other ways to enjoy the moment with your baby such as going to park together or watching cartoon movie.

3. One Brand Of Bottles

One day you will discover that you have one brand of bottles, and then your baby will start feeling bored from using the same one for a period of time which drives him to stop using it. So our advice to you is tried to use different kinds of bottles until you know which one is the favorite for your baby.

4.Bumbo Floor Seat

Too many parents forget that when they are busy and growing older, also their babies growing up and by the time they will not need the Bumbo floor seat, even most of the physical specialists did not recommend that seat because it puts the baby in an unnatural stance and doesn’t have any advancement benefits.

5. Boppy Newborn Lounger

Probably we use this item in the first few months of the newborn, and it is suitable to take nice pictures, but later the baby as growing up as a start moving a lot which is quite dangerous for him/her to stay in a Boppy.

6. Socks And Shoes

This is one of the things that you will not have to put on your baby registry, you might be wonder why? It is simply because your baby is not walking too much, so there is no need for too many shoes and socks, you only need a few pairs.

7. Toys

At this time when you have a newborn baby, in one hand it will be just wasting if you buy a lot of toys as you can just play with your baby by yourself and enjoy the moment, and in another hand you be tired of looking of all the toys that missed under the sofa or armchair which is making your house messy.

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8. High Chair

You may like a high chair for your baby because you like to see him/her always on the top; it is actually an innate sense as parents, but a high chair for a newborn not a priority thing and it is better to avoid it on your baby registry list.

9. Nursing Cover

As parents, you are always looking forward to looking after your baby, and it is a spontaneous feeling when you think that your baby may need to be covered from cold or feeling ill, however, the nursing cover is sometimes an additional thing and your baby will not need it.

10. Baby Laundry Detergent

All parents agree that babies get dirty quickly even more than you can imagine, and this is normal because they moving a lot and also vomiting while breastfeeding, that is why it is safer to use one laundry detergent and it is better to be environmentally safe and natural instead of a different kind of laundry detergent.

11. A lot Of Clothes

Parents sometimes put a lot of clothes on the baby registry and wondering why their baby is Irritable and crying even he looks comfortable, but in fact, he is not. Wearing a lot of clothes will actually annoying your baby and limit his movement

12. Baby Blankets

Baby blankets are one of the most common gifts that you will get when you have a newborn baby, that is why after a while you will discover that you have a lot of them. The idea here is just trying to use one or two of them as you don’t need others.

13. Babies’ Supplies

In our point of view, the most amazing news can any parent receive is when they know that they will have a new baby in a few next months. That is why you will find most of parents are very excited and discuss with each other about what supplies they should and shouldn’t buy for their baby and get the house ready for the new family member. We don’t want to break your happiness but sometimes the previous expectations can be not suitable for your baby and it is better to wait until the baby come and then you can buy prepare your house as you notice what your baby like and what he/she does not like.

So, babies’ supplies shouldn’t be on your baby registry list until the baby born.

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