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How many games should be played at a baby shower?

Planning a baby shower can be overwhelming. After all, you want to ensure that the day is special for the expecting parents, and that everyone attending has a great time! One way to make sure everyone is having fun is by incorporating some games into your baby shower. But how many should you play? Let’s take a look at what’s best for your party.

How many games to play at a baby shower?

It really depends on how long you have allocated for the baby shower and how many people are attending.
Generally speaking, it’s best to keep the games limited to around three or four if you want everyone involved and entertained throughout.
Anything more than four might leave guests feeling overwhelmed or confused.
It’s also important to factor in time for food, socializing, and of course, opening gifts!

Choosing the right games

The type of games you choose will depend on who’s attending your baby shower; if there are a lot of kids present, then having at least one game that they can join in with would be wise.
If there are mostly adults present – no matter their age – then it might be better suited to have some more adult-oriented games like bingo or even charades (with an appropriate twist!).
You could also opt for something more interactive like a scavenger hunt or guessing game which everyone can participate in.


Finally, when it comes to planning a baby shower, choosing the right number of games is essential in creating an enjoyable experience for all attendees.
To ensure that everyone feels included and engaged throughout the day, try sticking to three or four different games – this will give you enough variety without leaving people feeling overwhelmed!
When selecting your games make sure to factor in the ages of those attending and choose something that suits them accordingly.
With these tips in mind we hope you can plan an amazing baby shower filled with lots of laughter and fun!

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