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Baby Shower Cakes Funny Ideas for a Memorable Celebration

It’s positive!

Once the news that a woman is pregnant came up, it is not only the excited parents. Soon to be grandparents and aunts are excited too. Friends, co-workers, and relatives will also feel the excitement of the new addition to the family. That deserves a celebration!

Want to celebrate that excitement and show it to the expectant mommy? Show her how happy you are for her. And one way to show it is by organizing a baby shower. Sounds interesting? You can plan. What will the activities be? Who will do the preparation? What should be the meal to be prepared? What are good gift suggestions? Any idea for funny baby shower cakes? All these and more should carefully plan to surprise and to make your best friend or your sister happy for her and her baby’s special day.

A background

A baby shower is a party that is usually organized to celebrate the coming birth of a new baby. It is a time for friends and families to get together and share their time with expectant parents and “shower” them love, gifts, and good wishes before the baby’s birth.

It might sound new and modern to some but the idea of a baby shower started many years ago. Early Greeks and Egyptians held rituals by offering gifts and sending wishes to their different gods and goddesses to celebrate the birth or the coming birth of a new baby. It has gone through many changes through the years but it always boils down to one point – it aims to celebrate the coming of the baby and shower the expectant parents with gifts that will be beneficial to her but more so to the coming baby.

Who throws the baby shower?

Not the parents to be. Doing so will mean begging for gifts, which will be unethical to some. So it is time for friends and relatives to do the thing. They can organize a baby shower for the mommy. Usually, baby showers are exclusive for female guests since discussing pregnancy and other feminine topics can be a taboo for males.  But now, as the society is being more open-minded, baby showers are becoming co-ed, and even male guests are welcome. It can be a very good opportunity for a get-together for friends and relatives and to show love and care to the parents-to-be. And besides, a baby needs a lot of stuff that can be quite expensive, so throwing a baby shower will help the couple to prepare most, if not everything that they will need.

How is it done?

Depending on what a mom-to-be wants, a baby shower can be formal or relaxed. Although moms cannot throw the baby shower, her opinion on how it is going to be should always be the priority. Some things that should be considered in organizing a baby shower are the venue, the decoration, the games, the food, favors as a sign of appreciation to the guests and of course, the gifts. Nowadays, parents can create a gift registry where guests can be given an idea or choose what the baby needs.

Today, most baby showers are relaxed and often playful. It gives time for the expectant parents and their guests to let loose and relaxed, and just enjoy the party. Playful and funny designs and decorations are chosen. And one great way to add humor is by choosing a funny baby shower cake. Cakes can always be a centerpiece of a party table. And it is also the same during baby showers. 

Funny baby shower cakes ideas 

Nowadays, cake decorations are getting intricate and more realistic. One way to show love and care is through the cake. You can prepare a cake and put some dedications and messages for the expectant moms. This can be serious and hilarious. But since we opt for a funny and relaxed baby shower theme, we can put dedications that are funny too.

But if you think that words are not enough to tickle one’s funny bones and you think that showing it is much better than saying it, here are some funny baby shower cake ideas to keep your guests giggling.

A cake topped with the baby’s face coming out of mom’s big tummy is hilarious.

Seems like the daddy needs the oxygen more than the mommy.

How realistic… and funny! A cake with a baby’s head coming out of the mommy.

Push a little harder! A cake designed with a mommy in normal delivery.

I swam the fastest! A cake resembling an egg cell and the cupcakes surrounding it each topped with sperm design.

Expecting a triplet? A cake designed with three babies in a diaper, crying out loud.

A dirty diaper cake complete with oozing chocolate icing. It can be yucky but a funny baby shower cake idea too.

Cupcakes emoticons – each cupcake shows a baby emoticon. The different emotions can be cute and funny for a baby shower party.

These funny baby shower cakes will truly make the celebration more memorable. These can make it to the center of groupies and selfies, and lasting funny topics guests can share with through time.

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