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Top Notch Funny Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Your best friend or sister is pregnant and you are just as excited as they are! But what’s even more exciting is the baby shower, where your friends and family gather to celebrate your pregnancy. You have fun, play a few games, and then there are the gifts. Most of these gifts are useful and then it starts to get repetitive. Next thing you know more than one person brought a stroller or the same styled onesie the kid will only use once.

These gifts easily go from well-meaning to a waste of space real quick after the party. So, if you’re attending a baby shower you want to try your best to give something the parents and the baby can use. Or at least something beneficial for the baby mama as well. 

So skip the diapers, the baby bottles, those newborn essentials! Everyone else at that shower will bring the same thing.

No one likes the same old boring gifts. So here are a few fresh and creative ideas for you. Here are some funny baby shower gift ideas to either put on your wishlist or give to your next pregnant friend or relative. Some are gag gifts but the best kind of gags –ones that are both funny and useful.

Useful and funny baby shower gift ideas

• Bacon flavored Teether. 

What better way to address the baby’s teething but with bacon? Let that baby cut her teeth with savory and salty bacon with this fun gift idea. Don’t worry this flavored teether is BPA free, lead-free, PVC free, and phthalate-free. It’s bacon shaped and has all the fun as the actual thing!

• Dumbell rattle.

 Most funny baby shower gifts are a gag gift, which is mostly funny without the efficiency but with this dumbell shaped rattle, it has both. Cleverly disguised as a dumbell, the parents will have fun trolling their friends and relatives watch in shock as their newborn picks up the dumbell rattle. People will think they are a super baby! Imagine the videos they’ll post on social media.

• Gameboy teether.

Teethers are very useful gifts, but getting them ordinary ones is not enough. If your expecting parents are gamers, give their baby their first video game with this ultra-adorable Gameboy teether. It’s not only fun to see a baby sink their growing teeth into a video game but it’s an unusual and unique gift for everyone to enjoy.

• Onesies with Meme and quotable movie quotes. 

Nothing beats a newborn wearing the popular pop-culture reference. Imagine a baby wearing a onesie that quotes the Godfather or even Star Wars, the parents and everyone else would love it. Memes work too because it adds character and the fun element that’s both eye-catching and hilarious.

• Pacifiers with mustaches. 

Isn’t it sad when your baby grows up and facial hair starts to show? Well, it doesn’t have to be sad instead it could be one the funny baby gifts the soon-to-be parents can’t wait to use! Most Snapchat filters can do the same job but real life doesn’t have funny filters for us to use. Be it a baby girl or baby boy, a funny mustache on a baby will never get old.

• A snot sucker. 

Yes, you’ve read that right. Sure it sounds like a gag gift but it’s one of the most useful gifts you can give expecting mothers. Babies are cute until snot starts running down their nose then they are just a sticky mess. The snot sucker is a reliable and safe way to suck out all the snot out of any baby’s nose. It’s an unusual gift but they will soon thank you.

• A breast massager. 

Now let’s have a gift for the mommies to enjoy but not in a sexual way. Sure, this gift sounds like it should be given during a bridal shower but a breast massager is a great gift for a breastfeeding mom. It is for massaging the mother’s sore breasts when she’s got clogged ducts or struggling with an infection.

• Funny shaped nursing pads.

There are different shaped nursing pads such as heart-shaped and flirt shaped. The imagery will make you giggle but your mommy friends will thank you for this useful gift. Most funny baby shower gift ideas lean towards causing a giggle or two so this one is essential for you to get a laugh. Of course, it’s also great for soaking up leaking breast milk before it ruins a breast-feeding mom’s shirt.

• Bidet shaped baby bottle. 

Funny baby shower gift ideas should be a little crude and have gross implications. Like a bidet, the first thing you picture is washing a butt more than feeding a newborn. But despite the shape, it is actually pretty useful and gets the job done! Plus it’s more sanitary than an actual bidet, so get your head out of the gutter.

• Vampire teeth pacifiers. 

Whether or not you’re a fan of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire or perhaps your soon-to-be parents had a Twilight phase, this gift is cute and funny. When you picture a baby, you conjure up images of pure innocence and adorable cheeks –not sharp teeth dripped in blood.

Why gag gift work better 

When people think funny baby shower gifts, they immediately picture gag gifts that have no purpose at all. Most gag gifts are for display and for laughs but the baby nor the mom ever uses it. But most funny baby gifts are as efficient as it’s baby essential counterparts. What makes them work is that they are unique and would brighten up anyone’s day.

Parenting is hard, especially if it is a newborn. It comes with late nights, loud crying, and a ton of dirty diapers. A gag gift is a welcome distraction that can make the new parents smile as they try to rock their baby back to sleep. Or have a laugh while changing their baby’s onesie for the fifth time that day.

Bring these to your next baby shower, it will be a hit! The expecting parents will treasure them forever. Or at least be part of the precious baby pictures, their child will be proud to have.

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