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How To Announce Pregnancy To Parents?

The most wonderful time during your pregnancy is having that first positive test you are making at home yourself. Hence, what’s more, amazing is how can pregnancy be declared to your parents?

You want to tell everyone you are expecting a baby.

But you think when is exactly the best time to spread the news of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an exciting time for many mothers and future fathers. And it’s natural to start with your family and share this excitement with the world.

However, it can be scary if you announce your pregnancy to your parents.

You may be concerned about how to announce it to your family and how their reaction would be.

a man touching a pregnant womans belly

There are many fun ways to trigger a positive reaction to inform your parents about your pregnancy.

If you give your parents a homemade bread with the inscription “b”, the contents of a conventional oven open.

You can also combine the cartoons you recorded and downloaded on YouTube.

And when we’re talking about sketches, why not give hints at a fun Pictionary game?

If you want something special, you can prepare a special branch in your local coffee shop and ask the staff to write a pregnancy indicator on the dashboard of the sidewalk.

1. The Classic Bun In The Oven

a woman taking a cake from the oven

The parents urge you to open the oven to find “kitchen bread”, is a classic way to make your pregnancy announcement.

But besides putting an old hamburger bread in the oven, while your parents are visiting, you can go for something different and bake your favorite recipe.

When rolling the dough, make sure to mark the two loaves with a “B”.

Make sure that both B-pans face the oven door and are in front of the baking sheet.

When you’re done, let your parents take it out of the oven.

calling in the nursery rhymes in front of you when you need advice. And do not forget to take a memory picture while Announcing Pregnancy To your parents.

2. Speaking Of The Grocery List

a grocery list

Plan a great dinner with your parents and ask them if they can go to the store to pick up some food when they arrive at your home.

Give a list of things other than ice cream, pickles, and baby food – peas, carrots, and spinach.

Ensure you see before you go! You might have an announcement that you will not forget.

3. Game Night Is On

Plan a night for family games and announce your pregnancy with a fun round of picnics and Chalets.

As a matter of fact, make known the arrival of your parent’s grandchild will be fun if you indulge in some kind of games. such as, draw a circle and overlay it until you draw the name of “baby”.

Or, if you are a Scrabble family, spell “wait” during a round or game.

4. Music To Their Ears

an old man and woman listening to music

If you cannot reveal your pregnancy, you should send your parents a record of your baby’s heart rhythm.

Call and leave a message for your parents and friends with the message that somebody wants to see them after nine months.

Alternatively, you can record a video of your baby’s first heartbeat and send an e-Mail with the subject “I think you like it”.

The Pros Of Waiting To Announce Your Pregnancy

fat pregnant woman surrounded by hearts 2

If the pregnancy is difficult when you have already lost a pregnancy or if you have a stillborn child, it is recommended to wait at least 12 weeks to announce pregnancy news.

It is also very good to announce your pregnancy to your parents after the first quarter of pregnancy. It’s up to you, and what you think is the best is up to you.

There is rarely a loss in the second and third semesters, but couples can feel sensitive or fear that something will happen.

In such cases, you can share the following messages:

  • Do an ultrasound that shows your baby’s health
  • Wait to find out the sex of the baby
  • Reaching the halfway mark of pregnancy which is 20 week
  • Reaching a personal milestone for example when your belly starts to show

It may be helpful to inform one of your close friends and family about this, especially if you feel uncomfortable.


If you are still unable to share the news, your doctor should consult your therapist or self-help group to ensure that your feelings are expressed safely.

Many pregnant women wait until the end of the second trimester, to talk about pregnancy with their friends and family members.

A number of factors affect why people wait until this period to spread this news.

The most important part of your decision must, however, focus on what makes you most comfortable.

We hope this article helped you, if you have any questions or feedback do not hesitate to mention them in the comment section below, we will be so happy to help you!

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