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Pregnancy Hip Pain: How To Relieve And Prevent Hip Pain

Hip Pain And Pregnancy

If you have back pain during pregnancy, you are not alone. There are about 20% of women suffer from back pain during pregnancy. The pain may focus on the side or at the back of the hip, or around the Pelvic. It may sense dull or sharp, and it may appear gradually or suddenly.

The hip pain begins at any time during pregnancy. However, when your baby gets older, your body is preparing for birth. Therefore, it is more likely that it occurs in the middle of the last trimester of pregnancy.

Read on to learn how to deal with this and to prevent back pain during pregnancy.

5 Home Cures:

If your pain is so severe or restricting, you may think about visiting a chiropractor or physical specialist for an expert assessment. Make sure to tell them that you’re pregnant.  Here are a couple of things you can try just while you are home that will make sense better off.


Extending may help slacken tight hips and give relief from discomfort. Yoga actually can be a great exercise in pregnancy since it is so delicate and low-impact.

Certain types of yoga, including ‘hot yoga,’ isn’t suggested in pregnancy. Make sure you let the trainer that you are with know that you are pregnant if you want to go to a yoga session.

You can find out so many free online recordings and videos to help you with hip and back issues during your pregnancy.

For instance, try to focus on the poses:

Cow Pose

Position yourself on each of the fours with your knees widespread, with hips over your knees and shoulders over your wrists.

Gradually drop your stomach toward the carpet, and always keep your back straight.

Go back to the start and repeat it over and over again.

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Child’s Pose

Next, fold your toes under and expand your arms straight ahead in front of you.

Try to put your hips in reverse with your knees spread a little more than the before.

Lay your upper part on the ground for a while to relax.

You can likewise shake forward and in reverse, in this position, if you want.

Bound Angle Pose

Carry yourself to a situated position with your legs twisted into a butterfly, and the bottoms of your feet should be contacting.

It’s particularly useful to lift your seat up with a folded cover or something to give your stomach an additional room.

You can remain high or put your hands in front of you while your back is completely straight. Try not to bend your backbone.

Try Different Type Of Exercises

There are also some active healing movements that you can attempt just at home to get some alleviation. Jane, a yoga trainer,

Gives a couple of stretches that are proper for pregnancy:

  • Start first with your hands and then your knees.
  • Put one of your knees in the front much as you possibly can and then put your foot toward the contrary wrist; repeat it 3 to 5 times.
  • Put your other foot at the back until you are feeling some stretch on the base of your front leg.
  • Stay like that for 60 seconds, and do the same for the opposite side.

Warm Shower

You will need to use a warm shower instead of a cold one for sure when you are doing a special treatment for hip pain. Warmth brings bloodstream to the area. It decreases joint hardness and muscle cramps.

For using a warming pad, Apply it for 9 to 14 minutes. And remember always that you should not put the warming pad directly on your belly.

When utilizing a hot shower for relief from discomfort during pregnancy, ensure the water isn’t excessively hot. It ought to be warm enough so that you won’t sense cold, yet not so hot that your body temperature will increase. Also, remember to include 1cup of salt to discharge your tight muscles.

What Are The Causes Of Hip Pain?

There are a few reasons why you may encounter hip pain during pregnancy. It’s regularly not an indication of confusion or anything you’ve done in the wrong way.

 Here some normal causes such as weight gain and wrong sleeping positions that may cause you some hard hip pain. So always make sure that you sit and sleep in the correct way.

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