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How to Carefully Play with a Newborn?

Playing is one of the best ways to bring you closer to your newborn baby. It helps them learn how to move little by little. They can also learn how to communicate and appreciate and socialize with the surroundings he or she is in. You as a parent is the best playmate for your baby and playing with them is easy. And during your baby’s first month, he is going to learn how to mingle with you.

It is important to play with your baby as it helps him develop his cognitive and social knowledge. But you’re probably anxious and curious about how to play with them and you just want to be careful. This article will give you the basic guidelines and tips on how to play and mingle with your newborn baby.

Best ways to play with a newborn

When you become a parent, you experience a lot of things when taking care of your baby. You experience sleep deprivation and no enough time for yourself since your priority now is your child. A baby is a blessing to your life, and life without them is boring. It may be hard at times but always look at the brighter side. You will realize that it is really interesting, rewarding and humbling to be with them.

Are you afraid of making your child at risk because you bond and play with them because they are delicate at first?  Check out these best guidance and tips on how to properly play with them and these ways are:

Make eye contact

If you stare and make eye contact with an infant is the simplest way to bond and interact. By doing this, it would make him identify expressions and faces. The expressions you make with them will somehow communicate feelings and that it gives additional benefits too. Eye contact can actually correct the brain waves of the baby. This will also boost the relationship between the parent and the child.

Try to sing them lullabies

Don’t worry if you think you are not a good singer. After all, your baby will just be listening to the sound of your voice without judging that you are not that good at singing. Your baby will try his very best to absorb that tone until it will actually stick in his mind. Singing is also the best way to calm the baby when he is crying. It is way better and safer than letting them listen to audiotapes.

Dance with them

Dancing with your baby is one of the best activities to make for newborns. Research says that it would actually help a parent raise a nicer and compassionate child. There is always a good purpose to dance like there’s nobody’s watching. Try dancing while holding your baby. Just be careful when trying to dance with them. It is highly recommended to do this with babies if the baby reached three months old and above. It is safer that way.

Introduce baby games

Of course, these games are not those games like basketball or involve physical activities, but games that only involve simple actions. Games such as peek-a-boo, blowing raspberries, close and open of hands, this little piggy and the like. You can also do simple actions, like making faces with him so that he would most likely laugh. You can also play the bicycling with their legs and counting from one to ten. No matter how less challenging these games are, it would make a great impact on babies as it encourages his senses and help both social and motor skills.

Have your baby mimic your actions

When you let your baby imitate your actions or words is very helpful. It actually works. You help them speak words or sounds little by little. Some babies can utter just one syllable sound but it doesn’t matter, because as long as they can remember a sound or actions you teach them, then it only goes to show that your baby is a smart one. They can easily remember things and when the time comes that they need to remember big words, you will not worry because you know that they can actually catch up.

Tell or read stories to them

Yes, it seems funny to read stories to a newborn child when you know they don’t understand what you’re saying, and that you’ll always end up staring at each other as if he knows what you’re talking about. But then again, just do it. Your baby may only appear to be paying much attention, but for him it is interesting. Storytelling with them actually promotes bonding and literacy and it’s a good thing to consider.

Wrapping up

Playing with your newborn isn’t just about toys and games; it’s about being able to bond and influencing them. When you always play with them, your baby learns how to trust and depend on you in so many ways. You just need to be careful when playing with a newborn since their arms and legs and some other parts of the body aren’t fully developed yet. Just do lesser physical activity bonding with them.

Babies can grow up so fast. At first, they are just a tot who doesn’t understand anything, and then one day you see them run and talk like an adult. So spend time with them while they’re young because not at all times they’re like that. Quality time is very precious to them and so are you. He may just be a child for you, but the feeling of being loved and being secured is very important to him.

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