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How to Get a Child to Nap Until Four Years Old and Beyond?

How to Get a Child to Nap Until Four Years Old and Beyond?

How vital are naps to kids? Why is it important to know how to get a child to nap until he is four years old and beyond? Does it mean older kids need it too?

Studies reveal that daytime naps, although short, can greatly affect a child. It can improve children’s moods that will then reduce tantrums, fussiness, and crying. It enhances a child’s brain development and attention span. Kids who take naps daily are less likely to get sick, feel fatigued and get obese.

Does getting your kids to nap becoming a challenge to you? What are the ways to get it done without the fuss?

Make it a routine.

Let the kids nap at the same time every day. Through this, their body will adjust and make them fall asleep is easier. Their body clock will adjust and the baby will feel drowsy during those predictable times.

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Let the kids burn off energy.

It is given that kids are so playful and energetic. If you want him to take his nap in the middle of the day, allot time in the morning to do some physical activities to spend his energy. Visit the playground, walk in the park or allow them to play in the yard. The more tired they are, the more energy they’ll burn and that means lesser fighting nap time.

Make naptime look like night time.

One reason why kids get a hard time sleeping in the day is that the sunlight stimulates the humans’ eyes and signals the brain to wake up. Use room darkening blinds and dark curtains to help the child adjust and sleep easier. It is better to prepare the room minutes before naptime. Keep the room temperature cool to induce sleep. The ideal room temperature is between 60°F to 67°F. 

It is also advised to use the same bedroom, the same bed, and beddings that he used in the night during daytime sleep. It is better for kids to associate the bed for sleeping. Talk to him in a low, soft voice to create an atmosphere that it is already time to sleep.  A well-rested sleep is effective to give him the energy he needs within the day.

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Restrict screen time.

Too much exposure to light, even those that are coming from the television and mobile devices can cause the rise of the hormone cortisol, the body’s natural alarm system.  This is also the reason why bedrooms need to be dimmed to make it easier for the baby to sleep.

Prep the kids with pre-nap routine.

Making a pre-nap routine can help signal your kids that it is almost nap time. Routines can be similar to what you do before bedtime. This can help them associate this routine to sleeping thus can help them understand that it is time to sleep. This can include changing of clothes and diapers, baby massage, quiet time, and lullabies.

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Make kids understand the importance of napping during the day. It can be as simple as saying that it will help you to grow strong and healthy. You can also use storybooks featuring stories of kids who sleep during the day or tell them that superheroes sleep that is why they are strong. As parents, you know what can be effective ways to make your kids understand it.

Naptimes are essential to make kids get through the day. It helps him to be alert physically and mentally. And to be honest, parents need babies’ naptimes too. They can use it to do some household chores that they can’t do when the kids are awake. This can also be their time to get some rest from the tiring and yet fulfilling task of being parents. Just remember these tips on how to get your children to nap until four years old and beyond and you can do it without the fuss.

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