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Swaddling and sleep training your newborn baby

eddlHaving a new baby is one of the most amazing, yet overwhelming experiences for any parent. Adjusting to the changes can be challenging, particularly when it comes to sleep. Fortunately, swaddling and sleep training your newborn can help ease this transition.

This blog post will walk you through how to swaddle a newborn properly. And you will know how to get them accustomed to sleeping in their bassinet.

How to swaddle a newborn – 101

Swaddling is an age-old technique that helps babies feel secure and calm. It helps babies relax, stay warm, and even fall asleep more quickly.

How to swaddle a newborn?
How to swaddle a newborn?

To swaddle your baby correctly, you’ll need a soft blanket or receiving cloth.

Start by laying the blanket down on a flat surface with one corner folded over slightly.

Place your baby in the center of the blanket with their head above the fold so they can breathe easily.

Then bring the left corner up over their right side, tuck it around their body. Then, you wrap it underneath them so they are snugly tucked in.

Take the right corner of the blanket up and over your baby’s left side. Then, you tuck it around them as well before wrapping it underneath them again.

Make sure that your baby is comfortable but not too tight. You should still be able to fit two fingers between their chest and the fabric of the swaddle.

Also, make sure that there’s enough fabric at both ends. You can then tuck it around their feet if needed for extra warmth or security.

Get your baby used to sleeping in their bassinet

To help your baby transition from being held all night to sleeping in their bassinet or crib, it’s important to start a sleep routine.

Place them down for short periods during nap time or when they’re already drowsy but not yet asleep.

This helps give them time to become familiar with the bassinet and prevents them from feeling abandoned when put down.

Make sure to also swaddle your baby securely before placing them in the bassinet as this will provide extra warmth and comfort while protecting their delicate skin.

This routine will also help establish trust between you and your child while teaching them healthy sleeping habits from an early age.

You should also try using white noise such as a fan or gentle music playing nearby during naps or bedtime.

This will help recreate sounds they heard while in utero which will aid in calming them down when they start getting fussy during nap time or bedtime transitions.

Try to establish a trust between you and  your child as it is key in transitioning from holding them close to sleeping in a bassinet.

Be sure to provide plenty of skin-to-skin contact throughout the day as this will help make the transition smoother.

Additionally, swaddling your baby securely prior to placing them in the bassinet guarantees extra warmth and comfort while protecting their delicate skin.

Key takeaways

Swaddling your newborn has numerous advantages, not only for your baby but also for the parents.

By securely swaddling your baby, they feel a sense of security and are more relaxed. As a result, they fall asleep more quickly.

Swaddling can also help keep your baby secure in their bassinet throughout the night.

Implementing simple sleep routines like white noise playing near their bassinet during naps or bedtime can also help create healthy sleeping habits from an early age. 

Also, providing skin-to-skin contact throughout each day establishes trust between parent & child which makes transitioning from being held close into a bassinet much easier!

With these tips & tricks, parents can feel more confident about helping their little ones transition into independent sleepers who love snuggling up with mommy & daddy!

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