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In which month of pregnancy tummy comes out?

Pregnancy is an exciting journey, and the anticipation of the arrival of a new baby can be overwhelming. One of the most common questions asked by expectant parents is “when does my baby bump start to show?” This blog will guide you through the changes your body will go through during pregnancy so that you can understand when your baby bump will make its debut.

The Early Months—First Trimester: State of pregnancy tummy

During the first trimester, your baby is growing rapidly, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to see any physical signs of this growth. During this time, your uterus is still quite small and has not yet expanded enough for people to notice anything out of the ordinary. The hormone progesterone helps relax your abdominal muscles so that your womb can grow as your baby develops. As a result, some women experience bloating, which causes their stomach area to look larger than usual. This bloating usually goes away after 12 weeks, when the uterus begins to expand more noticeably and cause a visible bump.

The Middle Months—Second and Third Trimesters

In the second trimester (weeks 13-26), your baby grows quickly and so does your belly! Most women begin to show around this time, although everyone is different. Your bump may appear sooner or later than others depending on several factors such as whether it’s your first pregnancy or not, how high up in the uterus the placenta has implanted itself, and how much weight you were carrying before becoming pregnant. By week 20-22 of pregnancy many women have really started to show off their baby bumps!

In which month of pregnancy tummy comes out? The Final Months—Third Trimester

By week 28-30 of pregnancy most mums-to-be have really started showing off their bumps with pride! You may find that you gain more weight in these last few months as well as start feeling kicks from inside the womb when sitting down or lying down. It’s also important to note that if you’re expecting twins then unfortunately you’ll probably start showing earlier than normal due to having two babies growing in there!


Ultimately, no matter when it appears or how big it gets, each expectant mother’s bump is special and unique! While it can be hard at times waiting for our little bundles of joy to arrive (especially during those long nine months!), we hope this blog post helped answer some questions about when exactly our tummies come out during our pregnancies. Good luck on your journey mamas – we are all rooting for you!

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