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28-30 Weeks Pregnant But Baby Movement Slowed Down What You Need to Know

Do you remember when was the first time you felt your baby move inside your tummy? It was probably like butterfly-like flutters until it becomes like punching as each week passed by and then a very frequent punch from your little one. Your baby starts to move because he or she has so much room during your second trimester until the beginning of your third trimester. Your baby can dance inside, do some somersault, kick-box and even full aerobics. Feeling your baby move inside could give you are a sign that they are well. However, there are women who are 30 weeks pregnant and worried that their baby’s movement slowed down. 

Baby movement: how does it feel like?

The baby’s movement will start as early as 16 weeks of pregnancy. However, there are a lot of women who usually feel the movement between 18 weeks of pregnancy until 24 weeks of pregnancy. For some first time pregnant women, you may feel your baby’s movements until you are 20 weeks pregnant. 

Baby movements are also called fetal movements or “kicks”. As mentioned earlier, you can anything such as flutters, kicks, swish, or rolls and these movements can change as your pregnancy progresses. Actually, there is no actual set of normal movements that you should be feeling to say that your baby is well. Remember, every baby inside a mother’s womb is different and they have their own pattern of movements that you should be familiar with. 

If you are 18 to 24 weeks pregnant, you must feel your baby move actively. After 32 weeks of pregnancy, your baby’s movement will stay the same until you give birth. It is not really true that your baby will move less or your baby’s movement will slow down at the end of pregnancy. If your baby’s movement slowed down when you are at least 30 weeks pregnant, you should contact and talk to your doctor immediately to find out what could be the cause of the reduced movement. 

Baby’s movement slowed down: what to do

When you’re less than 24 weeks pregnant

If ever you are 24 weeks pregnant and you have never felt your baby’s movements, you must contact your doctor or OB right away. They will check your baby’s heartbeat. An ultrasound scan will also be performed and you will probably be referred to a specialist to be sure about your little one’s health. 

When you’re 24 to 28 weeks pregnant

Do not wait until your next appointment if you do not feel any movement from your baby. You should also call or go to your midwife and doctor immediately. 

A full antenatal check-up will be performed once you go to your doctor. The check-up will check the size of your uterus, measure your blood pressure and test your urine for protein. Your uterus may be smaller or larger than expected, so an ultrasound scan will be performed to see your baby’s growth and development inside you. 

When you’re over 28 to 30 weeks pregnant

If you are 30 weeks pregnant and your baby’s movement slowed down, you have to go to your doctor immediately. Do not wait until your next appointment with your doctor for it might be a serious condition. 

Your doctor will give you a full antenatal check-up as well and your baby’s heartbeat and heart rate will be monitored to assure you that your baby is well which is done at a cardiotocograph monitor. An ultrasound scan may be performed if your womb is larger or smaller than the usual, you have a high-risk pregnancy, your baby’s heart rate is normal but you still feel a slower movement from your baby, you have a history or reduced fetal movements. 

Take note about this

Reduced fetal movements can be a sign that your baby is not fine. It is important to go for a check-up to make sure that he or she is okay. Most pregnant women experienced fewer movements from their baby go on and had a healthy baby but it is still important to make sure that you and your baby are fine and everything’s okay. Never hesitate to contact your doctor no matter how many times this can happen. 

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