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The First Trimester is the Easy Part… Right?

 First Trimester, Ahh those days are fondly remembered. A new mother, first pregnancy, the shock and then anticipation caused by a little of my pee on a stick… I dreamed of being a mother, I longed for it- while other women sought out careers that let them don sharp business suits I doted over cutesy stuffed animals and baby-grows. Pregnancy changed me and I carried my second child without quite so much delusion.

So you have been to the Doctor and had it confirmed. There is a Peanut inside you that is growing in size faster than you are ready for. It is going to arrive in less than forty weeks. Forty weeks – think about that… a year is only 52 weeks. You can either dread those weeks or cherish them – but whichever reaction you have it won’t steel you for What Is To Come. You would be forgiven for thinking that the first Trimester is going to be a breeze: but you’d be wrong. Pregnancy starts here, kiddo, and right up until you hold that wonderful, amazing blood-of-your-blood child at the end – it is all downhill.

Hormonal System In The First Trimester

First of all; your entire hormonal system reshuffle itself to make you no longer the first priority of your body. If that means you need to suffer while it rearranges itself then so be it. Unfortunately, we have no say in the matter, and the crying must be simply ignored by our poor partners, the mood swings and be as much at the whims of our urges as we are.

Don’t feel bad about it, they are as much to blame as you are! This upsetting of your body’s natural workings is bound to make a few other changes here and there. Bleeding or unusual discharge is common, as are vast swings in your sex drive. Pain, when you pee, is another thing that seems to be remembered – all things the doctor smiled about and nodded sympathetically before she sent me home. Any new mother would be alert to these symptoms and it is important to know that they are not unusual.

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First Trimester Sickness

Let’s talk about sickness. it won’t be ignored, but neither am I going to go into detail. I have too many memories of dropping and breaking things while I ran to the will lose A grand total of eight coffee mugs in the first trimester. Sometimes the sickness came with a fever, sometimes it came spontaneously.

Gradually I came to mark the hours between 11 am and 4 pm as high-risk-of-vomit-hours and planned my day accordingly. It was normal for it to last all day. Fortunately, this passed within a grueling six weeks and I have to say; after enduring it the other symptoms didn’t bother me one bit.

I suppose I want to reach out to other women and just let them know that they aren’t alone. the pregnancy differently hits Everyone (sometimes like a Baseball Bat) but whatever you are suffering, there is no need to go through it on your own. Get in touch with a neo-natal class or group and speak with your midwife. It is pretty sure whatever ails you is no more than perfectly normal pregnancy symptoms. Good luck new mum… you are going to need it!

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