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Infant Learning Best Baby Toys for Sensory Development

Infant Learning Best Baby Toys for Sensory Development

Even though they are still in their mothers’ stomachs, babies start to develop their different senses. To help them with their sensory development in the outside world, we need to provide them with some things or toys which can enable them to enhance their learning skills. Our babies are taking everything they hear, see, feel, taste and smell.

Sensory toys can help your babies to develop their nerve connections and their ability to deal with complicated learning tasks. Aside from this, these toys are also essential to develop their language skills as well as motor skills. We can even notice that these toys can also allow us to calm our little ones. And if you want to increase the activity of your baby’s brain, then these kinds of toys are a good option for you.

Best baby toys for sensory development

The versatility and fun of the best toys for sensory development are what make these toys the ideal one for your little angels. These characteristics are also the same reason why this kind of toy is now gaining popularity. To help you choose the best baby toys for sensory development, we gathered a list of brands for your selection.

Manhattan Toy SkwishClassicRattle and TeetherGrasping Activity Toy

Aside from the educational benefits that we can derive from this toy, this also serves as a rattle and teether as well. This toy is also essential in developing their motor skills and color recognition too. You will surely love the size and weight of this toy because it is convenient and fit for your kid’s hands. You also don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids from plastic chemicals since this is made of wood. This toy is also an award-winning and kids’ favorite for almost 35 years.

Menu Life 10pcs Black and White Children Kids Baby Soft EVA Foam Activity Play Mat PlayroomFloorTiles Pop-out Jigsaw Puzzle Mat (Black and White Multi)

Your kids will fall in love with its exceptional design and black and white color. This mat is especially designed to develop the visual sense of your little ones. This toy is also ideal to use not only inside but for outside use as well. You can also use this mat as a floor protector to ensure the comfortability and safety of your children. It has a size of 0.9 SQ.M / 10 SQ. FT.

WeeGallery, Art Cards for Baby, Black and White Baby Cards, 0–12 Months – Jungle Collection

I bet that your baby will fall in love with this addition to our list of best baby toys for sensory development. This kind of toy can help your baby to develop his vision. Also, it can allow your baby to be familiar with different images of animals, and you can talk about those animals for additional information. The cards are designed with matt lamination, and they use eco ink on their recyclable card to make this product as a child and environmentally friendly cards. Don’t worry about its corner because it comes with rounded corners to avoid sharp edges. It has a measure of 5 x 7 inches. You also have to take note that it contains six cards that include the images of a lion, zebra, monkeys, bears, snakes, and parrots. What an excellent interactive toy!

Night Light Projector 360 DegreeRomantic Room Rotating Star ProjectorStarry Moon Sky Night Projector Kid BedroomLamp for Christmas(Blue)

This projector is essential in developing your baby’s sense of sight. You can use this addition to our list of best baby toys for sensory development when their room is dim or dark. This is very soothing and relaxing in their eyes. Can you imagine their happiness while staring at their ceiling full of pretty stars? Its cute design is not only advisable for your baby, but you can also use this product as a decoration during your night events and romantic date nights. Take note that this is also environmental friendly. You can also notice that it has three buttons to select the colors that you want, its rotation and light. This is suited for a quiet and relaxing ambiance.

The Amazing Lamaze Freddie The Firefly

Your kids will surely fall in love with its colorful wings and soft texture. It also contains clacking rings which are essential in developing the sense of hearing of your little one. You will even notice a teether in this product which is vital in soothing the gums of your baby. This toy became famous for kids because of its funny and exciting features.

Happy Monkey Baby WristRattles for Babies and Foot Finders Set Small Foot ToysRattleSocksNewborn Toy Soft Toys for Babies SensoryToys for Babies Baby Rattle Toy Smart Sock Soft Baby Toys New Born

The vibrant colors and fantastic design of this product are what make it one of the most favorite toys for kids. The different textures and the sounds of this toy are essential in developing the sense of touch and hear of your little munchkin. You can also notice that once your baby hears its sound, rest assured that she will recreate this sound. So, if you are considering the best gift for babies, consider purchasing this toy. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids since it is non-toxic and they ensure that no BPA is present in this product. What a great addition to our list of best baby toys for sensory development.

Shynerk SH-M-02 Baby car mirror

How can you develop the sense of sight of your baby? One of the best things that you can do is to purchase a mirror that is specifically designed for them. We know how much our kids love to look at their own faces, right? This car mirror is very adjustable and also compatible with every car. During your trip, rest assured that your kids will always stare at their faces through this mirror which is considered an essential way in developing their vision. This is very easy to install and features a shatterproof design. You also don’t need to worry if you are not satisfied with this product since it offers a full refund.

Ike & Leo TeethingToys| Baby Infant and Toddlerwith Pacifier Clip/TeetherHolder | Best for Sore Gums Pain Relief | Eco-Friendly BPA Free & Freezer Safe |Set of 4 Silicone Teethers

There is no doubt that babies are in love with the thought of putting everything they hold in their mouths. Teether can be a great way to develop their different senses. Once they put the teether in their mouth, they will assess its taste, texture and its shape as well. This kind of teether is 100% safe and effective for your little one since it is BPA and hazardous chemical-free. Its form is specifically designed for little hands. This is also considered as one of the advisable gifts during a baby shower. 

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