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Is Charcoal Teeth Whitening an Effective Product to Try?

The activated charcoal is being popular nowadays for its teeth whitening use. It is usually made from natural substances such as slowly burned wood, coconut shells, and peat. When charcoal is exposed through oxidation and extreme heat, it becomes activated. The activated charcoal has the ability to bind gaseous molecules and liquid to its surface which is also called as adsorbent. Adsorbent materials are known to hold odors and toxins that go near them that is why it is now being used in shampoos, facial masks and the most popular one is through toothpaste and other dental products that aims to whiten the teeth. 

How does charcoal whitens teeth?

Nowadays, there are different beauty or cosmetic products that contain activated charcoal. Activated charcoal consists of rough parts that can easily bind on the teeth that can easily clean its surface as a rough sponge does in your dirty plate. There is research conducted that this substance does not actually change the color of the teeth but it removes stains from plaque, food particles and other surface stains that improve the teeth’s surface color. Since activated charcoal has adsorbent properties, it serves as a magnet to remove the dirt, stains or any particles in the teeth when it is 

Is it really the activated charcoal helps in teeth whitening?

Dental products that contain activated charcoal also contain different ingredients such as coconut oil or baking soda that is also known to give brightening or whitening effects. There are some discussions that activated charcoal do not actually absorb the stains in the teeth’s enamel to change its color but it just helps further scrub the teeth’s surface through its hard and grainy texture. 

Is it worth buying for?

Activated charcoal products today are gaining popularity because of the help of social media but actually, there is no sufficient information that would link it to its whitening properties because it has no ingredients that have whitening properties. In fact, experts would suggest to use it in moderation because its abrasive properties erode tooth enamel. Activated charcoal dental products such as toothpaste contain ingredients that can be seen in a regular toothpaste that is why it can really act as your regular dental product it’s just that it has added substance that can easily scrub the teeth. 

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You cannot say that it is worth it for its price because it is pricier than a regular dental product but it is worth trying for because of its promising beneficial effects in making your teeth white. Some would say that it is not worth it but some people already consumed a couple of tubes that is why it would just depend on your preference.

Is it safe for use?

Activated charcoal does not contain harmful chemicals that may cause harm, it can even be ingested. However, it has an abrasive mineral property that can damage the tooth’s surface which is the enamel when scrubbing often. When using this product, it is important to have light-handedness to avoid causing damage to your teeth such as chipping and scratching. If you have quite sensitive teeth, you may consult your doctor to know if the use of this substance is good for you and if they can give you some alternatives. 

Downsides of using charcoal whitening products

  • It is found out that charcoal teeth whitening product can remove extrinsic or external stains on the teeth if used moderately
  • In long term use, it may give negative aesthetic effects to your teeth especially discoloration issues because your teeth may acquire its grey or black staining.    
  • If you are particular about the ingredients in your dental product, you must carefully check whats the ingredient used because sometimes they lack a certain important component that could be beneficial for your teeth such as fluoride.
  • If you will use it incorrectly, it may cause some abrasions in your enamel that may be a cause of increased sensitivity and it can become fast staining.
  • It doesn’t have the ability to penetrate the pores in the teeth that is why it cannot remove the tougher stains found in the deeper part of the tooth. 
  • The particles of the charcoal can settle into your gums that may cause other complications such as trauma and inflammation.

How to use activated charcoal whitening products?

Step 1: The first step is to prepare two toothbrushes, the one is for applying the charcoal product into your mouth and the other one is for toothbrushing. You may also need to have a cup for rinsing and a wet wipe to wipe the stain that may drip upon applying or brushing your teeth. Some products can stain your white tiles or t-shirt so be careful in using it.

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Step 2: In applying the product into your teeth, make sure to use soft and thin bristle toothbrush so as not to cause so much abrasion into your teeth and so that you can easily remove charcoal particles that may go deep into your teeth. Only use light pressure to avoid any scratches or abrasions into your teeth’s enamel. If you are quite concerned about the scratches or abrasion that it can cause your teeth, you may use your fingers in applying the product instead of a toothbrush.

Step 3: Leave the charcoal product for about 3 minutes so that it can be absorbed by the teeth and so that its particles will loosen up. You may need to rinse your mouth a couple of times until you can no longer see any charcoal fragments.

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