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Is it Safe to Eat Garlic while Breastfeeding?

Many mothers might wonder if they can eat garlic when they are breastfeeding. They might wonder if it is safe to eat garlic while breastfeeding. They may be worried about the effect of garlic on their baby and their breastmilk. To help parents especially mothers to know whether it is safe to eat garlic while breastfeeding, here are the things they need to know.

Garlic is very commonly used in many recipes all over the world. Aside from being a spice in food recipes, it is also known for its medical uses. Garlic contains minerals, amino acids, and vitamins that have health benefits. It treats infection, swelling, and digestion. It can also be a dietary supplement and can be used for a medicinal herb. 

For the record, there is no problem when you eat garlic while breastfeeding. If your baby can tolerate the garlic content in your diet, there will not be a problem with it. You can just minimize your garlic not to the maximum level so that it will not have a very big difference in your breastmilk. It can have a good effect on your health and breast milk supply. 

Garlic will not change the taste of your breast milk but it can change the smell of your breastmilk. But if you are consuming so much garlic, it can change the taste of your breast milk. But you should remember that babies differ. Some babies don’t mind the little taste of garlic in breast milk but some are bothered by it. They might become irritated and fussy. If your baby is suffering from colic, it can add to the condition. If you have reasons to believe that your baby is having an issue with the garlic consumption you have, you can as well avoid garlic and see if it will make any difference. 

Garlic is actually believed to be galactagogue. It means that it can stimulate breast milk supply. Study shows that when mothers intake garlic in their meals, babies stay longer in their session of breastfeeding. And since the longer the breastfeeding session, it means more milk is being supplied, garlic is linked to stimulating the increase of breast milk.

If you want to eat garlic to stimulate the increase of supply to your breastmilk, you can add a few cloves of garlic in your dishes. But always remember that just like everything else, too much of something is bad. So moderation of garlic consumption is still important.

If you are wondering if you can take garlic supplements or other high doses of garlic consumption for medical purposes, you should refrain from doing that. Unless your doctor prescribes that for you, you should just have consumption of garlic in a natural way like putting some in your dishes. 

Here are some benefits of garlic:

1. Digestive health

Garlic is good for your digestive tract and is good for digestion.

2. Heart health

Garlic can lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and decrease the risk of a heart attack. 

3. Lactation

Just like what is discussed above, garlic can increase the supply of breast milk and babies who love the taste of garlic in breast milk tends to stay longer in breastfeeding and are fed well.

4. Anti-fungal

Garlic can give you a boost to help you and the baby fight off thrush. It can also help prevent the overgrowth of yeast when you are taking antibiotics.

5. Anti-infective

Garlic is also used in treating viral infections. It may help to keep away illnesses or even shorten it.

Garlic can also be used in relieving colds, asthma, and insomnia. Garlic has actually many benefits. It has medicinal uses and it supports the increase of your breast milk supply. But always keep in mind to consume it in a natural way. That means that you should intake in when you are normally putting some of it in your dishes. You should avoid taking in garlic supplements or a high dose of it unless your doctor says so.

If your baby is not bothered at all with the intake of garlic in a natural way, then continue with that. But if you feel that he is bothered of he has colic, then you should avoid garlic and totally eliminate it in your diet while breastfeeding. We hope that this article has helped you learn about garlic consumption while breastfeeding. 

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