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Nursing Moms: Can They Breastfeed When They are Sick? Learn Some Tips

Some inevitable things may happen in life, even when you are breastfeeding. When you or your little one is sick, you may think to yourself if it is fine and safe to breastfeeding a sick baby more importantly when a nursing mom is sick. There are seasons with cold and flu and so on that may come your way. It’s that time of the year and many nursing moms may be asking a question: “Can nursing mom breastfeed when sick?”  Well, it may be the last option you feel like doing. If you are a nursing mom and you want to know if it was safe to breastfeed when you are sick, then this article will discuss some breastfeeding important tips. It is essential to know this matter so you better learn some useful tips on what to do when you are ill. 

Nursing moms 

Breastfeeding is healthy for babies. A mother’s milk can help to protect your baby from getting sick and getting ill. The milk that was produced by a mother provides good nutrition and fluids that are essential to your child, but there are some issues about a mom who is feeling sick while breastfeeding. Check these tips that you might want to consider. 

 Is it safe to breastfeed when sick?

Breastfeeding while you feel unwell may be the last thing you will consider. But little did you know, it is fine to keep the breastfeeding going but only with the tolerable illness. If you are feeling sick while breastfeeding, like you, have a cold or flu, diarrhea or fever, you can still have the breastfeeding as normal. The baby will not most likely get the illness through your breast milk. It has antibodies to lessen the risk of getting the illness. 

Breastfeeding while you are sick is somehow a good idea. Your baby who is taking the milk you produce is the person who will be less likely to fall ill. Worry no more about your milk supply as you will continue to produce it. 

However, being unwell and keeps on breastfeeding can cause exhaustion. You also need to look after your health and your wellbeing so you can breastfeed your baby. You need to keep your milk levels up and eat healthy to get back to your healthy self. Also, you need to get some extra sleep and rest because your baby will need that energy from you. You may also need to ask assistance from family and friends to help you in taking care of your little angel while you are still recovering. Lastly, good personal hygiene is essential to lessen the risk of spreading the illness to your baby. Always wash your hands and maintain a clean body as much as possible. 

If you have an emergency treatment or you need to be admitted to the hospital, there are also so many ways to ensure that your baby can still get the benefits of a mother’s milk, just like using breast pumps. 

When is the mother recommended to stop breastfeeding? 

It may be an unusual case for a mother to stop breastfeeding due to sickness. There are only a few illnesses that should make every mother stop breastfeeding temporarily or permanently. These are the cases that a mother may be advised not to breastfeed:

  • When the mother is diagnosed with HIV
  • There is an infection with human T-cell lymphotropic virus type I or type II
  • Active and untreated tuberculosis


As a breastfeeding mother, you need to be very cautious when it comes to the food you eat and you must be very careful with your body. Always remember that your baby gets the nutrients from you. And when it comes to the issue if can nursing moms breastfeed when sick? Well most of the time, it’s a yes. Sometimes it can be a ‘no’. One thing is for sure, you can always seek advice from a healthcare professional. We cannot just rely on our beliefs and self-medication. Have yourself treated and always think of the common good, for you and your baby?

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