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Keeping the House Clean with Toddlers: What are the Ways?

Keeping The House Clean With Toddlers: What Are The Ways?

Are you wondering how to keep the house clean with toddlers? Well, it’s quite difficult to do anything when you have toddlers in the house. Starting from the ways on how to keep the house clean and organized, how to clean the house with a baby and how to clean the house with a toddler. You have to take care of your toddler and clean the house at the same time and it’s really tiring and you may have a messy house with toddlers. Having a baby carrier can be a solution but it’s not really enough. Cleaning the house with a toddler is like climbing Mt. Everest. 

However, there’s still hope and ways on how to keep the house clean with toddlers even on keeping the house clean while working full time. Here are some house cleaning tips for working moms or non-working moms especially when you are with your kids. 

House Cleaning Tips For Moms

Remove unnecessary items. Declutter.

Start by removing unnecessary items regularly. Remember, the more stuff there is inside your house, the harder it will be for your kids to learn where certain things belong and be able to them away on their own. If you teach them where things should be kept, with only a few stuff, they will eventually learn to keep it by themselves. 

Keep your things on a place everyone knows

“A place for everything, and everything in its place.” This phrase works for everyone. You must know your family members’ habits and where they always like to put and look for things then organize your things in a way that they will easily find them. Make every place where you put your things reasonable.

Keep a toys checklist 

Another step on how to maintain a clean house is to have a checklist. It can be for toys or for things that we wanted to keep out at a certain time. You can have certain bins of cabinets or drawers where you can put the things then note them in the checklist. 

Keep your baskets and racks accessible

The fourth way on how to keep the house clean with toddlers is to keep your baskets and racks accessible and reachable by your kids so they will be able to keep the things on their own. If your kids can’t reach the coat rack, they will just leave them on the floor. It is also advisable to use open bins so your kids will just put the things there easily. 

Establish your daily cleaning routines

You can work well if you have cleaning routines especially your morning and evening routines. Daily cleaning routines can also help in making your weekly cleaning routines easier because weekly cleaning routines may take more time for deep cleaning. As your kids grow, you can teach them to develop their own cleaning routines to keep your house clean and organized even when you are away.

Clean your surfaces

Keep your counters clean and your surfaces clean as well. If your surfaces are covered with many small, decorative objects, it will also declutter soon so it is more advisable to keep the surfaces clean so you will have less work and fewer things to clean. 

Keep your system uncomplicated

Keeping your systems simple will help your kids stay organized. They need to easily understand your instructions and ways of how do you clean your house. If you have a lot of bins for sorting your things or your kids’ toys, your child will spend 20-30 minutes standing in front of those bins while thinking where to keep the toy hammer, for example. 

Teach your kids how to clean

The most important cleaning tips for busy moms is to teach their kids to do chores and clean their own things when they have grown enough. Once they have adapted to a cleaning routine on their own, they will eventually volunteer or help you clean the house. 
The ways on how to keep the house clean with toddlers are not that demanding, right? It should not be a tough task for you because you can keep the house clean with your kids. 

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