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Get Organized Stay-At-Home: Mom Planners Suggestions

Get Organized Stay-at-home: Mom Planners Suggestions

Being a stay-at-home mom is not an easy task. Especially when the baby starts crawling and walking and the toddlers are becoming active. You also need a lot of household chores to do – cleaning, cooking, setting the table, washing the dishes, laundering and ironing the clothes and the list go on. Not to mention grocery shopping, doctors’ visits, picking things and all.  Your husband also needs your care and attention before and after work. And we can’t deny it that mothers need extra time for themselves. Just imagining all of these always creates a busy, tiring day for stay-at-home mommies.

That is why mothers need to get organized. One of the best solutions is getting a stay-at-home mom planner.

The advantage of having a planner

Being so busy can make us overlook some things that we need to accomplish. But aside from being reminded of what things need to be done, what are the benefits of having a planner to stay-at-home moms?

Reduces stress 

Being extra busy and forgetting so many things can bring stress to anyone, especially to mothers. And be honest, more cluttered home and a more cluttered schedule equals more and more stress. This means a high level of cortisol is released by the body, which may lead to fatigue, sadness or depression.

An organized schedule means less stress. You don’t need to go running around or going up and down to get into things that need to be done. A tidy home and an iron-out schedule are restful which mean lesser or no stress.

Increases productivity

A scheduled task can help you focus on things in a given time. Through this, mothers can be more efficient and effective. That’s not just good for mothers only but to the kids and her partner also. A monthly calendar or a daily routine or schedule can make easier management thus increasing productivity.

One can stick to goals

One reason that hampers one’s success is not sticking to the goals that are set in the beginning. And the same applies to housewives. It can be a simple task at home like arranging the flower pots or tidying up kids’ drawers and closets. To have it done, it should be planned and stick to that plan. Proper planning creates a lesser mess and lesser stress. And finishing a task gives a sense of accomplishment to mothers, even how big and small they are.

Saves time and money

Careful planning can limit purchases on things that you only need. An unplanned trip to the grocery store without a grocery checklist can make you buy items you don’t need for the meantime or items that are still in stock in your fridge and pantry. You might end up with losing changes left in the purse and realizing you haven’t bought what is really needed.

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Scheduled tasks can also save time. If you have a schedule for the doctor, you can do the shopping afterward. Or you can go to the grocery store and drop by the drug store for some needed supplies. It saves you time than going to the grocery and heading home and going out again to the drug store later in the afternoon.

A healthier lifestyle

You can plan your meals ahead, thus you can prepare healthier meals for the family. Unplanned meals mean unavailable stocks thus making you opt for packaged or frozen food and fast food meals. Also, an organized schedule can make you a little time to relax. You can spend time on physical activities and encouraged the kids to the same. You can have more bonding moments with them and with your partner. 

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Stay-at-home mom planner suggestions

Aside from the benefits mentioned, what else can motivate mothers to have an organized schedule and grouped listing?  Attractive planners can be a good start for this healthier habit. Here are some planner suggestions for stay-home- mothers.

Wife Mom Boss: 2020 Weekly And Monthly Planner

By “Bricklane Stationary”

This paperback planner features a 12-month calendar with 2 pages for each month; and a 12-month weekly calendar.

Size: 8.5” x 11.”

Busy As a Mother: 2019-2020 Weekly and Monthly View Planner

By “Papterie Bleu”

This mom planner covers July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020. This paperback has a premium matte finish cover of red flowers in watercolor. It features a two-page per week view.

Size: 8” x 10”

2020 Lilacs Mom’s Weekly Planner

By “Inc. Peter Pauper Press”

This 18-month family calendar covers July 2019 to December 2020. It also features a weekly spread with columns for each family member; a monthly view with inspiring family-related quotes and a yearly view of 2019, 2020 and 2021. Aside from planners and schedules, it has spaces for contacts and important dates like birthdays and anniversaries

Additional features include a handy tear-out to-do list, expandable inside back cover to hold business cards and notes, tear-off page corners for the easy track. It has a gold double spiral and a hardbound cover with florals in shades of gold, purple and periwinkle.   

Size: 8¼” x 10”

Mom’s Manager Medium Daily Weekly Monthly 2020 

By “TF Publishing”

It covers the academic year from July 2019 to June 2020. It has a two-page monthly spread with spacious, calendar grid view and monthly notes. The weekly 2-page spreads have ample space for daily plans and schedules. Additional lined pages are attached in the back while 2019 and 2020 yearly views are included in the front pages. It has a durable gold wire-o binding and paperback cover with watercolor florals in a blue background.

Size: 6 ½” x 8”

Orange Circle Studio 2020 Do It All Planner, Moms Do It All

By “Orange Circle Studio”

This mom planner covers August 2019 to December 2020. Its monthly planner spreads have 300 stickers to mark appointments and important dates, tear-off lists of shopping and to-do’s and pockets to store notes and cards. Weekly spreads have charming and inspiring quotes and spaces to organize tasks and schedules. The split ring wire-o can keep the planner opened flat and the elastic band keeps it neatly tucked.

A final note

A well-managed schedule leads to a more productive life free from stress and worries. These stay-at-home mom planners help mothers to make everything organized for a more peaceful and restful life that can be beneficial not only on mothers but for the whole family as well. 

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