As parents, it is such a struggle on how to have a beautifully designed home. You want to provide your kids with a safer and more welcoming space, but not feel like a playhouse of PeeWee. The bigger concern is focused on the high-traffic rooms, the ones most used by both adults and kids-the living space. If you wish to acquire kid-friendly living room ideas, you are on the right page.

Check these 5 favorite kid-friendly living room design tips for a better and comfortable living with your kids.

1. Look for a forgiving rug

A forgiving rug is a must if you wanted to have a  kid-friendly living room.

You keep your kids and everyone happy, you have to choose a rug that is toxic and chemical-free as well as easy to clean. You must not consider synthetic fiber and silk, because they easily stain and is not practical to clean. Better prefer a natural fiber or wool rug instead.

You will surely love these rugs as they come in bigger sizes at a reasonable price, but if you don’t consider yourself a fan, you can have the outdoor/indoor rug instead. These rugs are available in various range of patterns, colors, and sizes.  These rugs are also capable to endure in heavy wear. And, this is the best choice for your furry friends also. 

2. Choose fabrics that can go the extra mile 

When you say kid-friendly living room it means that lots of things would be subject to climbing, spills and jumping and also different projects of arts and crafts. You must only select fabric type something that can balance both practicality and comfort.

What to look for:

Find fabrics with high rub counts and tight weaves. Through these, you can assure that it’s durable. But if you some extra budget you can go for leather, since it can be easily swiped away without leaving any spill. There is no room for worrying about the scratches because in due time it would blend in your sofa’s patina.

Another excellent choice is the slipcovers. If ever there are spills, you can just peel the cover off, toss it and wash. The multi-tonal fabrics or busy patterns can aid in disguising the blemishes. So don’t doubt in picking a rug, chair or even pillows having graphic and bold prints.

3. Cut corners

Another kid-friendly living room idea is to avoid any decors or furniture that have some sharp edges or corners and have some “owie-free” zone. This is highly vital if the kids are just starting walking. Consider stopping in having pieces with sharp corners or the one that is made of glass.

Instead of having a coffee table, you can have two poufs or a big ottoman. This is to keep the seating venue blank of sharp edges. Other selections may offer interior storage providing a double comfort. 

If you cannot abandon the coffee table idea, then have a round option instead, such a great way of getting rid of the sharp corners. If you will pursue this path, prefer the wood surfaces. As these can hold up to scratches and scuffs are also less sharp compared to stops tops, metal and glass.

4. Become strategic with your storage

Kids have a lot of stuff, it’s undeniable. From their toys to books and art supplies. If you have a mountain of low-maintenance storage, then there should be an incorporating of a kid-friendly space. You can consider having enclosed storage, this is a way to clutters easily while helping the space look cleaner with much effort.

You can have a credenza to store the little knickknacks and toys, at the same time it has a double purpose as a TV stand. Also, you can add some bench with interior storage. Nice baskets can be great in the toy stashing and clutter them in a pinch. Take note, it looks much cute than any plastic bins.

Important Tip: While storage and open shelving options are great, they have to be kept continually for them to look lovely. If you cannot commit storage that needs high maintenance, you may have closed storage pieces as an alternative.

5. Make space for play

Setting aside the practicality, any kid-friendly space is ought to be so welcoming for the whole family. You can combine some fun like some colorful artworks on the wall to provide some area in a less serious atmosphere where your kids will surely appreciate it. You may also consider incorporating some playing corner in your living room. In this way, if the kids are playing, the adults can still supervise nearby. 

It is great that everyone can embrace that every individual in the house needs some space. Here is an additional thing to consider in setting up a kid-friendly living room for the family:

• Color palette

You must be able to pick a fashion-forward color scheme to keep the space looks chic. You can begin with neutrals such as grey, white and black. Then, add some layers on the fashion colors like peach and mint. You’re living room will surely look and feel peaceful, if the color palette you select is concise.

• Sofa and chairs

Have some cushion furniture that is not hard to clean. It’s a sure thing that you don’t like your couch being covered with plastics, right? Then, pick a fiber that is wash and wear easily. 

• The storage

Instead of banning your kids’ toys from the living area, you may plan on how to sort them. You can consider cubbies and bookcases with the low bins, such a  great option. You can have a taller bookcase, in this way you can still utilize the higher areas for decorative pieces. While the lower ones are for the kids’ puzzles and toy games.

An additional tip for a kid-friendly living room ideas: 

Instead of just playing online games, you would want the kids’ to maximize their kid-friendly living room. You can pick some nice frames and put up your kids’ artwork, placing them next to your decorative pieces. This time, you can be assured that the small personal touch is a big element for space to more relaxing and comfortable to stay with.

The bigger concern for parents is on the high-traffic rooms, the ones most used by both adults and kids which is the living space.

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