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Know the Meaning of the Baby Names in Africa

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The names are the important ones for the people as this gives them a new identity and also it is easy for other people to call the particular person by using the name. Everyone around the world will keep the name of the babies according to their religion, caste, culture and the others. So keeping the name according to their culture and their family background is the most followed one by the people around the world. You can find different names all around the world. The African baby names with meanings give you an interesting idea about their culture and also it looks more wonderful.

The baby names in Africa sound good and this will be an interesting one for the other country people to know it since the Africans used to keep the names for their babies in the memory of their ancestors. Also in that continent, the many numbers of cultures are existing and everyone follows the different traditions to keep the name for their babies.

Girl baby names in africa


This is the name that indicates deserving something. So this means that the baby should have to accept all the challenges and make it positive when she grows up.


The meaning of this name is that the girl looks cuter and she will be the god for their patents. She should have to be the best example for others.


In Africa, the people used to name their girl child when she born on Thursday. You can find the variety of the names with the same pronunciation the meaning of the names is the same.


When the baby girl is not born in their native place then the Africans will name that baby as Bandele. The meaning is that the baby was born in foreign places.


The parents used to keep this name for the African baby girls so that when the baby grows she should be strong enough to face all the problems in life and win it. She should have a smiling face all the time.


This name indicates the waterfalls in the African language. So this means that the girls should have to run even when any kind of obstacle comes in her life path.

African boy baby names


Many parents do not have the baby for the long years even after the marriage. So the boy child who was born after many years will be named as Biton.


This is a famous name in Africa. The baby boy who is named this indicates that he should have to show love and care to all the people in the world. And also he should have to behave more friendly with others.


The baby boy with this name Juwaun indicates that his parents have thanked the god for gifting him as their baby.


As per the prayers of the parent, if the boy child has been born in Africa, they keep this name which indicates that he should be a great personality throughout life. Also, he should be more courageous and get all the wealth in his life.


According to the tradition of the Africans if the boy baby was born after three daughters, then the parent of the boy will keep this name.


Even the Africans will name after the boy child in the name of the animals. This name indicates that the lion which means that the boy should live like the kind in the entire life and should be braver.

Unisex names in africa


Both boy and the girl baby can be named with this name. Friendship is an essential one for anyone. So for the babies when they grow up they should be friendlier with others and show the love and the care.


 This is another unisex name that indicates that the baby girls or the boy should have to live in a society with complete respect and honesty.  The persons should have to be more affectionate an also spread love all over the people.


The baby named with this indicates that the boy or girl should be stronger and should have to fight for justice. They should have to do the many good things in their life and should be helpful for others in society.


When the parents feel that their baby looks more adorable then they keep this name. Since this is the unisex name then this will be the most common one among the Africans.


The baby boy and girl who is having this name indicates that the baby should have to grow with complete health and wealth. He or she should be free from health issues and also other problems and live life more happily.


This indicates that the baby boy or the baby girl should be more successful in their life. They should have to overcome all the issues and challenges.

Thus the above-explained names are very few only. You can find the million of the names in Africa with different meanings such as the god, animals, days and many others. All these names are cute and interesting to hear. Therefore you can find the different cultures in the African continent.

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