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8 Popular and Marvelous Finnish Baby Names for Girls

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8 Popular and Marvelous Finnish Baby Names for Girls

Choosing a great and beautiful baby name for your daughter is a challenge. However, it’s very fun to experience such a responsibility because you come up with many name ideas for your coming baby. No matter how stressful and indecisive you can be in choosing a name, it always ends up being a good choice for them. One of the choices that parents consider in choosing a name for their daughter is the popular Finnish girl names. Every name has its meaning, and so are the Finnish baby names for baby girls. When you consider Finnish baby names for baby girls, you will most probably have a lot of wondrous choices of Finnish baby names for your daughter. 

If you are expecting a girl and you are likely searching for a perfect name for your coming baby girl, Finnish baby names for baby girls will be your best choice. This article will discuss different classic Finnish girl names that have a special meaning behind it for your baby girl. These meanings would mean a lot especially when your daughter grows up and becomes a mature woman. Learn about these names and decide your best pick that you think will suit your baby girl’s personality. 

Finnish baby names

Whatever names you will give your child, it will always be the best for them. How much more if you know the meaning? Check on these top pick Finnish girl names we have prepared for you to narrow down your list to a favorite choice. Learn about the Finnish girl names and their meanings. 


This name is unique for it has the meaning of being a noble one. If you want your daughter to grow up showing a very fine quality, consider naming her with Aada. This is a beautiful Finnish baby name for girls because of its righteous meaning. In German word, this name means “adornment” or firstborn. So try giving this beautiful name to your first baby girl. 


This name is considered as a classic Finnish girl name that means “The only one”. Most parents want their children to be on top or just being the only one of everything. Of course, for some reason, it made them proud. This is a unique name and the best part is that it can be considered as a name for a girl or a boy. This name also is so easy to pronounce, making it easier for your child to introduce herself easily when the time comes. Aino showcases the meaning of being a one of a kind. In this world full of fake people, be original. Sometimes it originality starts with the name. 


Sofia is a popular name nowadays because of its beautiful meaning. It means wisdom in Greek. Your child would most likely grow up being a wise woman. She knows what is right and what is wrong. A person cannot easily fool them because she is wise and knowledgeable. Despite being “too girly” name, Sofia is one of the best Finnish baby names for girls. 


This great name has a very beautiful Biblical meaning. This name is a variation of Annalie that simply means, “The Lord has favored me.” Of course, when your baby girl is still inside your womb, it is safe to say that our Lord has favored you because He gave you a child. This realization is best if you apply this to your baby girl. Praying and wishing your child to be favored by God will be granted in so many ways you can ever imagine. This name will be a good choice especially if you are asking for graces to come upon your daughter. 


This name has a strong meaning, as it highlights the meaning of being a warrior, specifically a warrior of intelligence. Being intelligent is a gift so one must be thankful for that. If a person is born to become a warrior, she will do everything she can to get whatever she wants. She will not let any hindrance come her way. And when it comes to intelligence? It’s priceless. Your daughter will grow up being such a fighter of her rights. She will not let anything that destroys her goals and ambitions in life. She will compete as much as possible if she can. Being a warrior doesn’t mean you are rude or evil, sometimes it means being a fighter in a very good and desirable way. 


This name is a kind of a Finnish girl name that is being in a feminized form of the name Enna. This name means “Edge of the Sword.” It sounds like being a fighter. Well, it is. Your daughter can be a fighter and will not let anything bring her down. Of course, being a fighter in a very good way and not to hurt anyone. A personality of being a fighter is something every person in this world must-have. This personality knows how to defend one’s self when some people or things will bring them down. Naming your child with Enna will somehow make your child possess a quality of being a fighter. 


This is a kind of a Finnish baby name for girls that means a Pearl or a precious thing. Our children are the most valuable possession we have. We cannot trade them for things, money or even fame. When we own precious things in life, we always take care of it. How much more when it comes to our own blood? The way you treasure them would mean a lot to them. They’re like a crystal to be taken care of. Babies are a gift from God, we should value and treasure them until our last breath. 


From the name itself that pronounces the word “Love”, Luvia is perfect for your baby girl. This is a Finnish baby name that means “A girl who is deeply loved.” We all want our daughters to be loved by their special someone, the same way we love them. Our daughters deserve to find a man who will take care of and love her unconditionally. Wishing this thing would probably mean a lot to your little girl. Of course, no parent in this world would want their daughter to end up with someone who will take her for granted, right? Luvia will be your best choice. This name feels a lot of love in this world. 


No matter how challenging and stressful it is to get your daughter a beautiful name, it is still fun and fulfilling once you picked the right choice. With the 8 Finnish baby names for girls mentioned above, you now have additional ideas on what to name your little girl. These names have a meaningful story behind it that you might want to consider for your daughter. In the end, it’s always about how you raise your daughter while she is growing up. Your goal here is to raise a fine mature woman who possesses a very desirable attitude. Getting them names that are beautiful and has a beautiful meaning would do nothing if her attitude is in contrast with her name’s beautiful meaning. 

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