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Sea Inspired Magical Names Mermaid Baby Names for Newborn

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Do you remember your childhood memories where you spent your hours watching your favorite mermaid-themed cartoons? Mermaid becomes one of the most favorite cartoon characters. Although they are based on fictitious stories, they are still admired and loved by many kids and young at heart kinds of people. Along with mermaid fever, many parents are using cute mermaid names for their little ones. Mermaid inspired names are quite fascinating, charming and magical. So, for those people who are water and mermaid lovers, these mermaid baby names for a newborn might be the perfect option for you. 


Of course! Ariel will be on the first spot on the list of mermaid baby names for a newborn. Ariel is one of the most famous mermaid names in history. If you have watched or read the story of “The Little Mermaid”, then you might be familiar with this name. In this story, Ariel is a bubbly, bright and headstrong mermaid. She loves adventures and explorations too. When it comes to her physical appearance, she is said to be very beautiful and charming. This name is one of the best options for your little girl! 


Another addition to the mermaid names for a girl is the name Aerwyna. This name has a magical and enchanting sound which makes it one of the most used mermaid-inspired names. This name from mermaid baby names for newborn conveys a definition of “friend of the sea.” This is an elegant and majestic name perfect for your little miss. 


Marina is one of the ocean names for girls that you should consider. This name is the female version of the name Marino which conveys a definition of “man of the sea.” In addition to this, girls with this name are said to be visionary and inspirational. Also, they are idealistic and can inspire others spiritually. Marina is a gorgeous name for your baby girl, especially if you are a seafaring parent. 


The name Calypso is one of the baby girl names inspired by the ocean that you can use for your little bundle of joy. This name has a definition of “to conceal or cover.” In Greek mythology, Calypso was a sea nymph who beguiled Odysseus. Also, women with this name are said to be someone courageous, authoritative and focus. Considering this name for your little girl can be the right decision too! 


Are you familiar with the romantic fantasy film entitled “Splash”? The great director Ron Howard directed this film. In this story, a mermaid named Madison captivated the heart of a human named Allen. Daryl Hannah, an excellent actress of her generation, made this name more popular as she portrayed the character of Madison in the said romantic comedy movie. Madison is one of the magical names for females that conveys a great definition. This name has an excellent meaning of “gift of God”. The name Madison is often linked with the words sophisticated and intelligent. 


This name is a French name that means “coral”. In 2007, this name was one of the most famous and most used names in Quebec, and this popularity continues in this generation. This name is said to reflect the feeling of lasting beauty. This name was renowned as an honor to the memory of the late Saint Koralia who is a martyr of Heraclea during the 4th century. This name is an excellent addition to the list of mermaid baby names for a newborn! 


Aside from Coralie, Coral can be a great name for your baby too. This name has gained popularity during the 19th century. The name Coral has a definition of “pinkish stones.” Girls with the name Coral are said to be artistic and loving. They are also sweet, serene and very charming. 


This name was derived from the ancient Greek that conveys a definition of “sea monster”. In Greek mythology, the name Ceto is a sea goddess who is famous for being the daughter of the renowned couple Pontus and Gaia. She was also famous for bearing Phorcys. On the other hand, women with this name are said to be excellent when it comes to learning and analyzing. They are also passionate about sharing their skills and knowledge through philosophy and teaching. Ceto is a thoughtful and sweet girl, and of course, she is not a sea monster. 


The name Marcelline is an interesting and appealing name for your baby girl. This name conveys the meaning of “young warrior” and “defender of the sea”. The woman name Marcelline is said to be spiritual and visionary. They also in love with the thought of achieving their goals with peace and harmony. If you are still having a hard time choosing a name for your baby, then Marcelline can be an excellent option for you. 


The name Amarine was derived from the word “aquamarine.” This name is one of the unique names that you can consider for your little girl. Women with this name are said to have the desire to love and to be independent. In addition to this, they are also said to be kindhearted and generous. They are in love with being charitable and humane. With that being said, this name is an excellent option for your little bundle of joy. 


The name Avalon is one of the merman names that you can consider. The name Avalon has a definition of “island of paradise.” Men with this name are said to be jovial, and they also love to talk. Being creative and great uplifter is what makes this name as an ideal one. They are also said to be versatile and philosophical. 


The name Dylan is one of the ocean names for boys that you can opt for. The name Dylan has the significant meaning of “son of the sea.” This masculine name is one of the most famous names today. People with the name Dylan tends to be pushy. The characteristics and qualities of being a leader are what it makes this name as an ideal one for your little boy. Take note that a man with this name is physically strong and independent. 


The name Ronan is perfect for your sweet little boy. This masculine name conveys the meaning of “little seal.” The name was renowned because of a Celtic saint named Ronan the Silent. This name has gained its popularity during 1998 up to this day. The man named Ronan is idealistic and compassionate. Ronan also gives attention to the high moral and family.  


You will surely love the manly sound of this name! Zale is one of the best names to use for your little boy. This name has the meaning of “sea strength.” People with this name are said to be charismatic and gentle manners. They are also doing their best to overcome their shyness and step out of their comfort zone. They are also famous for being naturally upbeat and enthusiastic. 


Another great name for your little prince is the name Triton. The name Triton has a definition of “son of Poseidon.” Triton gained its popularity in 1997 until today. The man named Triton loves music and art. They are also kindhearted and philanthropic. Triton is also considered as a peacemaker, and they have diplomatic abilities. 

Naming a baby can be fun but sometimes stressful. We are having a hard time choosing the right one for our little bundle of joy. We have different inspirations and references for selecting the right name for them. Many parents are now choosing the water-themed and mermaid baby names for a newborn. The charm, meaning and exciting sound of these names make this as one of the best options for your little ones. 

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