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Labor: Odd and Weird Signs

We all know how the signs of labor unveil in movies. Even if we just watched it, you know it’s really hard and tough. Right before you know it, this is not how it always happens in real life. It’s even harder and very sensitive in the actual situation. You’ve been preparing for the arrival of your little one for nine months or even more. While there are a lot of changes in a pregnant woman’s body with imminent labor, every pregnant woman’s experience is unique and incomparable.

Being a woman is never easy especially when it comes to the main core which is experiencing pregnancy. And when it comes to labor, this is the exact thing that most mothers fear the most. Especially to first-time mothers. There are actually some unusual signs of labor that are quite weird. This article will focus more on the signs which may consider being unusual or odd during the labor phase of a pregnant woman. Get some tips and guidelines on how to handle situations by the time you may just be getting closer to your newborn baby and the terrible experience you will be having in the labor room.

What is pregnancy labor?

For after months and months of waiting, your baby’s born day is near. And surely, you are excited to see him or her but you can’t deny the fact that you are kind of afraid and worried about what will happen in the labor room. No one can actually guess the certainty of your due date, but only your doctor. Normally, labor starts as early as three weeks before the said due date or maybe as late as two weeks after it. This is the process of delivering the baby or childbirth.

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Giving birth may be unique to every woman, but the signs and experience during labor may kind of the same. They experience water breaking, severe backache, or contractions in the tummy. Pregnant women may also encounter tightening or cramping just like what period cramps feel, but when in labor, it is more painful. These signs of labor are an indication that the baby’s head moves into the mother’s pelvis.

There are three stages of labor and these are:

  • First Stage– The contractions in the stomach increase and the mother’s cervix begins to widen. This is the longest state.
  • Second Stage – Cervix in this stage is fully open. A stage where the mother helps the baby move through the vagina buy pushing.
  • Third Stage – This is the stage when it’s after you gave birth to your baby. The mother’s womb contracts and causes the placenta to come out of the vagina.

Odd signs of labor

When you are pregnant, you can’t help but ask for a piece of advice from someone who has already given birth to their child. It’s the nature of pregnant women to know the stories of others. You want to know what would be the recommended things to do and what prohibited things are. And right before you knew it, you would also tend to ask about the horror inside the labor room. Even if it means frightening you, at least you would know what could also happen to you. However, what if there were unusual or odd signs that some women never experienced during labor? Here are the lists of odd signs of labor to help you know that your baby is about to come out.

  • Diarrhea

This kind of condition is a very unpleasant thing to experience. And when you experience this during pregnancy, it can be even more disagreeable due to the things a pregnant woman is experiencing. This kind of condition during labor is agreeable to doctors. They believe that emptying the bowels of a pregnant woman, is actually making a room for the baby’s passage. Even if diarrhea is not fun at all, take it as a blessing when you are in labor, because you are one step closer to meeting your little baby.

  • Nesting

When you are almost on your big day or the day that your little one will most likely arrive, have you ever noticed that you have the urge to organize and clean everything at home? Did somewhat feel that everything needs to be in order? If you encounter these things, you are actually nesting. This is the practice of a mother’s natural way of preparing herself to give birth. Women experience nesting just a few weeks before the labor or after the labor. If you experience such, then this calls for a celebration. It only means that your body is getting ready for childbirth.

  • Insomnia

Sleepless nights during pregnancy are not good, but when you are actually experiencing it when weeks before your due date, it could really mean something more. Insomnia could also mean that your baby is ready to make it. It could be days only or even hours that he can finally make its appearance. Labor is a very tough process and you need a lot of energy to surpass it. The best way to fight insomnia is to relax and lie down your head comfortably. No one knows why pregnant women experience insomnia before labor, but it could be a good indication that the baby is on its way to see you.

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  • Getting Very Emotional

Many pregnant women have reportedly experienced emotional breakdowns right before going into labor. They are becoming more sensitive about all things. Even if you are just watching a soap opera, you will shed a tear right away. So what is the best way to end the emotional breakdown of a pregnant woman? Nothing, but take a few deep breaths and relax, after that, you will deliver the baby safe and sound.

  • Weight Loss

A pregnant woman is expected to have gained a lot of weight due to the cravings and nutrients she needs to put to her baby. But what happens if she is slowly losing weight? Does it mean that something is wrong that could harm both the mother and the baby? Well, the answer is, it depends because for some reason, weight loss is actually due to hormonal changes and signs that you are already having labor.

  • Dreams of Labor

Having frequent dreams in the labor room is actually a sign that you are almost in the finish line. This is a matter of fact, incredible. At least, the mother would then be preparing for the labor.

Final words

Regardless of what signs of labor are, whether it be common or unusual, one thing is for sure, you will experience it whether you like it or not. Just be prepared and try not to stress over everything. You know everything will be fine because many people will guide you especially your doctor.

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Your partner and your family will always be the support team for this stage. Once the baby is out of your tummy, all the pain is worth it. Just relax and focus on the important things. That is to deliver your baby safely.

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