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Giving Birth – How Long Does Labor Last

Giving birth is a precious event that every mother has been longing for. Nine months have passed and you are near the big day that your little one will come out. It sounds exciting and at the same time, you are nervous because you know that giving birth would cause you any danger. Pregnancy is truly the essence of being a woman. Even men would agree on this statement. But what men don’t know is the experience of a soon-to-be mother in the labor room. Well, apparently it’s hard to know the experiences of every mother because everyone has their own story to tell. Some would say, the horror in the labor room took only for a little while and they say it’s never that painful. Others would also say that they spent 6-10 hours feeling the pain, or worse, almost a day.

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Every woman’s labor is incomparable. When a woman is carrying a life inside her tummy, one of the concerns that she must consider how long does labor last?

What is labor?

It is important to know what pregnancy labor is. Every mother should know that before they give birth to their child, they could somehow experience laboring pains and agonies. Knowledge is everything a pregnant woman must have for them to be aware of this happening. You must somehow know how to handle the pain. You will need that great kind of superpower on that day.

Labor is the procedure of giving birth. Labor starts when a pregnant woman is starting to feel regular compression, the cervix would cause to widen and soften, reduce and thin. At this moment, it permits the baby to transfer or move into the birth canal. There are signs of labor which states that the baby is coming out. Take a look at these 10 signs that could be very accurate and is based on the experience of a pregnant woman:

• Watch for the baby “drops”.

• The cervix starts to open.

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• Experience of too many cramps and pain in your lower back.

• Joints all over your body feel unsteady or loose.

• You experience diarrhea as preparation for giving birth.

• You lose some pounds.

• You always feel weary and tired.

• Inconsistency or change of color of vaginal discharge.

• You feel active and powerful.

• The break of water occurrence.

If these signs are present when it’s your final month, you better see your doctor as soon as possible. You don’t want to harm the life inside you and your life of course. It is way better if you go to the hospital and have yourself checked if any of these signs occur. This is a serious matter that must be observed for pregnant women.

Can you do natural ways to help labor along?

Well, this is also advisable and somehow effective, so yes. You can do natural ways to help ease the labor along. You may also try this at home just like walking on a treadmill. Even doctors would advise this to pregnant women as it increases the chance to have her cervix opened. Another thing is making love with the partners. It is still safe since it is natural. Intercourse movements will not harm the baby. However, it will help you to lessen the pain while in labor. These are just common and not harmful ways to help a pregnant woman with labor.

How long does labor last?

The birth of a baby is an extraordinary experience most especially for the first time moms. It is better if a pregnant woman knows the stages of the process of this what we call labor. This will enable her to be prepared and to face the challenges she will be facing when the time comes. Mothers should be strong enough because labor is in a matter of hours. In many cases, the experience in labor is testing pregnant women’s physical and emotional attitudes.

What are the stages of labor?

First stage

This is the moment when the cervix is expanded to 10cm. In this stage, mothers feel contractions every now and then. The first stage is actually divided into two phases and these phases are:

1. Early labor

is a point in time, the cervix actually widens or dilates to 3cm. You will just have only a little contraction and irregular uneasy feeling. When the cervix is dilated, there will be a slight blood discharge from the vagina. They say that this is the mucus that covers the opened cervix during pregnancy. The duration of this is uncertain. Well, for newbie mothers, the ordinary duration differs from hours to days. Yes days, can you imagine the experience of women when in labor? Never easy at all. Pregnant women need to relax and just prepare.

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To ease the pain during early labor, try to just go for a walk in your house or in the hospital. You can also take a bath. Inhale and exhale and do it outdoors and when lying in bed, try to switch positions. This comfort may not work for others, but who knows? It may work for you.

2. Active labor

at this point, cervix continues to widen from 3cm to 7cm. This is the time for the serious work to start. Contractions will be very serious and hard and won’t leave you. Pregnant women may experience leg cramps and you may feel like vomiting. This labor will last from four to eight hours or even more. The cervix actually dilates at around one centimeter per hour. When a pregnant woman experiences or in this stage already, try to change your positions or take a warm bath. This could help to ease the pain. You can also let someone do a gentle massage.

The ending part of Active labor is actually known as shifting. It can be particularly bad. There will be contractions every now and then. When it gets worse, tell your doctor right away.

Second stage

This is the stage where a woman will deliver the baby. It may yield from few minutes up to hours or even more to let the baby out of your womb. The duration of this event may take longer for first-time mothers. Just trust what your healthcare provider will tell you. She will guide you until you’ve successfully delivered the baby.

Third Stage: This stage takes place after your baby has been delivered. Doctor and nurses would let you hold your newborn child and will let you treasure the moment. And what everybody doesn’t know was during the third stage of labor, the delivering of the placenta takes place. This procedure would only last from 30 minutes to one hour. Do not worry when you reach this stage, your attention now should be to your newborn child. Always remember to trust and never be afraid to ask from your OB and tell them if you’re not feeling well. They will let you know if you’re feeling normal or not.

Final Words

Isn’t it amazing to have a life inside your womb? Have you ever felt the sense of fulfillment every time you surpass every challenge you have experienced in your journey? Pregnancy will never be easy. But one thing is for sure, your child is really worth the pain. Don’t feel stressed about giving birth even if you can’t help it, try to be calm and always think of the good side. Once you’ve accomplished and successfully gave birth, you know to yourself that you did a good job. Of course, never forget to ask guidance from our Almighty Protector. The beginning is always the hardest. But once you have the best people at your back everything will be worth it.

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