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Making Baby Food with Blueberries

Making baby food with blueberries

Taste, nutrition and easy availability, are the qualities that we want to serve our babies especially if our baby is starting to eat solid foods. It’s always a challenge to look for the food they want. Not at all times that had we feed them with milk. They need to get other nutrients from other healthy foods too. A Blueberry is one of the foods we can feed them. With the three qualities above, a blueberry has it all. Blueberries are often called the “Super Food” because of its amazing nutrients in it.

Blueberries are definitely one of the top choices for your baby. Blueberries are not only high in antioxidants, fiber, Vitamin A and C, and cholesterol reducers, blueberries are perfect just the way they are. They are healthy food and they a very delicious snack for babies and for the adults as well. This article will mostly discuss the importance of blueberry for your little one, along with its different recipes and benefits.

The superfood

Blueberries are one of the most requested among the berry family, most particularly when it comes to feeding your baby’s and consider it as their first solid food. Blueberries have a significant source of micronutrients such as zinc, magnesium. Vitamins A, C, E, K and also the B-complex.

The blueberry plant is grown in the soil with an acidic pH, which also reflects in the fruit which contains a high amount of ascorbic acid or Vitamin C. Blueberries are also rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and iron, making it a complete package. That is why it is often called a “Superfood.”

Is it safe for babies to eat blueberries?

Mothers are very cautious with what they are feeding their babies. They likely know that a well-balanced diet is important for the health of everyone. That doesn’t mean you can feed your baby any and all foods whenever you want to. So to answer the question about the safety of your baby when it comes to eating blueberries, then the answer is yes.

They are actually safe for babies. In fact, blueberries offer many health benefits and feeding them to your baby helps your baby boost nutrients to their bodies. Blueberry flavoring is also found in several baby foods, which is an indication that they are really safe for infants.

Blueberries aren’t like the other members of the berry family, such as the strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry, as these contain allergens that can cause eczema and troubled digestion in babies. Blueberries belong to a group of fruits that is unrelated to strawberries and thus it is safe to eat.

It’s always safe to be wary of the signs of allergic reactions before introducing blueberries to your little one. It’s always smart to consult your pediatrician before introducing this food to your baby.

When can babies eat blueberries?

Blueberries can be fed to your baby at around 6-9 months. Ideally, it should be from the 8th month, but if your baby develops a taste for solid food by the sixth month, you may consider feeding your baby with blueberries earlier. If this happens, you need to be very extra careful in checking for any symptoms of allergy.

If you agree to give blueberries to your baby earlier, it is best to consult medical advice first. Then when everything’s good, it’s about time to prepare this for your little one. It’s preferable to slightly steam first to break down some of the fibers in the skin and mix with other fruits or vegetables to serve with a spoon. It is best to feed puree blueberries for younger babies and for nine months and up, you can make some finger foods already.

Other benefits

Other than those mentioned above, blueberries have so many benefits to the baby. These benefits are not only to the babies but also to the adult ones. Here are some of the health benefits of blueberry:

  • Retains blood pressure under control
  • Controls blood circulation
  • Cares bone growth
  • Help keep a healthy heart
  • Helps in cognitive development
  • Helps fight cancer
  • Prevents eye fatigue

Blueberry recipe

Blueberries can either be given fresh or cut into very little strips to your baby to avoid choking. You can have it bakes, cooked or even pureed for your little one to like and enjoy it. If you are thinking of some ways to cook a splendid blueberry meal for your little one, you might want to serve this Basic Blueberry Puree and the Blueberry Oatmeal Mix. It’s not just simple to make, but these recipes are considered to be most liked by the babies.

Blueberry puree

What you will need:

  • 1 cup of fresh or frozen Blueberries
  • ½ cup distilled water

How to:

1.) Let the water boil in the cooking pot. Place the blueberry intact and simmer for about 15 minutes.

2.) If the blueberry is already soft, use a slotted ladle to strain the water and remove the fruits.

3.) Transfer the blueberries into a mixer or blender then add boiled water to make it thinner.

4.) Blend until all are smooth and soft.

5.) Let the mixture cool down and serve it to your baby.

Blueberry puree oatmeal mix

What you will need:

½ cup Blueberry Puree

½ cup of plain unflavoured oatmeal

How to:

1.) Simply grind the oatmeal to a coarse powder just enough to form tiny lumps

2.) Mix with blueberry puree and feed. If you want to make it thinner, use boiled and cold water when mixing.

Wrapping up

Babies and children have different nutritional requirements as compared to adults. Parents should always consider when planning a diet and a kind of food to serve their babies because babies are picky eaters. Serving food for babies requires the perfect flavor of the ingredients as well as their nutritional value. One of the best options are the fruits they take, and one of the best fruits to add to a baby’s diet is blueberry.

Of course, everything that is taken too much would also be bad. Just take everything in moderation. If you are hesitant about the foods you will serve your babies, you might as well seek a doctor’s advice to know what should be done and what are advisable to do. It’s always safer that way.

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