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Māori Baby Names for Boys and Girls with their Meanings

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Māori Baby Names for Boys and Girls with Their Meanings

Since we are getting worldwide for baby names, let’s take a look at some beautiful Maori baby names. Starting from German baby names for boys and girls to Persian baby names to Polynesian baby names until Spanish or Danish baby names, there are truly wonderful meanings behind these names. 

Māoris are indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand and their language has beautiful and unique baby names for both boys and girls. If you are from New Zealand and you want to pay tribute to your culture or you just want to give your child a unique name,  let us take a look at these New Zealand names and their meanings.  Some of these names are New Zealand names for male and some are New Zealand female native names. 

Maori baby girl names


Amiria is the first among the Maori baby names for girls. This name is one of the most popular and used Maori baby names among girls and is the Maori version of Amelia. The name Amiria means “industrious”.


The pronunciation of Anahera is “A-NA-HE-RA” and the meaning of Anahera is “angel” in the Maori language. Some of its possible nicknames are Ana, and Hera who is the goddess of women in Greek mythology.


The name Arona is pronounced as “A-RO-NA” which is also one of the unique Maori baby names for girls. The name Arona means “colorful” in the Maori language.


The name Aria can be a variant of the name Airini and it has a lot of meanings in different languages. In the Italian language, the name Aria means “air” or “solo melody” which is like an opera performance. 


It can also be spelled as Hannah in some languages and it means “to shine, glow, or radiate” which is perfect for your bright and cheerful baby girl.


Iraia is also one of the unique Maori baby names that is once a town in Greece.


Iwa can be pronounced as “EE-WA” or “EE-VA” but it means “eve” in the Polish language. The name Iwa also has Maori, French, Polish and Greek origins. 


Kaia is also one of the most popular Maori baby names which means “to steal” or “thieve”. It also has a Greek origin which means “from the earth”.


It is a shortened version of Amaia. The name Amaia has a meaning “brave warrior” which is the name of a goddess in both Greek and Roman mythology. 


The name Marama means “moon” in the Maori language.


This name is of Maori origin and has a meaning of “sea” or “flaxen” Pania which is a symbol of the New Zealand city of Napier. In Maori mythology, it means “beautiful maiden”.


In French, it means “regal” but in the Maori language, it means “to sow” or “shakedown”.

Maori baby boy names


Amiri can be shortened to Amir which means “treetop” in Hebrew and “princely” in Arabic. Meanwhile, it means “the east wind” in the Maori language.


Kamaka is one of the Hawaiian boy names that means “eye”.


Maaka is the Maori version of the name Mark and it means “god of war”. This name can be added on the list of some Maori warrior names. 


Matiu is a Maori name which means “gift of God”. 


This name is the Maori version of the popular baby name for boys which is Michael.


It is a version of the name Nicholas and also one of the unusual Maori names for boys.


The Rongo name meaning in the Maori language is “peace”.


The Rua name meaning in the Maori language is “lake” and can also mean “dreams” or “visions” in the Arabic language. This name can be a unisex or gender-neutral name.


The baby name Tane means “man” and is associated with the god of forest and light in Polynesian mythology.  

These Maori baby names are unique, right? It may be unusual to give to your baby boy or baby girl but it has deep, wonderful meanings that can empower your little one. It’s fun to have a unique name, right?

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