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Moms Just Wanna Have Fun: Mom’s-night-out-ideas

Already missing your girlfriends? It’s been so long since your last bonding moments. Maybe it’s just time for another moms’ night out! 

What is a moms’ night out? Isn’t it nice to relax and unwind with your friends whom you haven’t seen for a while? Or even just a conversation wherein you can’t talk about anything and laugh out loud with your jokes and funny stories. Mom’s night out doesn’t need to be wild or unwholesome as others think it’s always been. 

Mom’s night out is simply a night when a mother goes out with her friends. It can be with a group of close, intimate friends or a bigger group like members of a community or co-workers. It is not always traveling on far places or entertainment hub, it can also be done in your home or one of your friends’ home. You just need to do some alterations and transformations and one’s home can be a perfect place for a night out with your girlfriends.

You just need to check that the kids are okay and you have prepared all that they or that they might be needed while your out. You have also made a compromise with your equally understanding, supportive husband that he will be your substitute in the house for the night. That is also a wonderful time for daddy and the kids for a bonding moment.

After making it sure that all is well taken cared of, it’s time to have fun! You just deserve that much-needed break. A night with friends will not hurt. You need it to build connections with them. Who says mothers do not need adult conversation? Who says we do not miss having someone who listens intently when you are telling stories? 

The benefits

It helps you to be closer with your best friends. Being a wife and being a mom is an almost 24-7 duty. You and your besties may be very busy with your respective lives. Having a night out with them nourish your friendship.  Your friends are essential parts of your life and life doesn’t need to get in the way of your friendship. A bonding moment with the persons you can always count on will always be great!

Life is getting busy and busier each day. A girls’ night out relieves stress and improves one’s mood. It raises a woman’s level of the love hormone oxytocin. Studies show that it even help prevent a cold, fight depression and prolong life. It is always overlooked, but one of the best ways to calm stress is to spend some time with your best friends.

Ladies’ night is not just about seeing your friend. These are also great opportunities to do things that you can’t do during the busy days. It also a time to let loose and have some good, clean fun.

What to do

Slumber party. 

Who says slumber party is just for teens? It is also a great opportunity for mommies to have bonding moments with friends. You can transform your or your friend’s living room to a large bedroom complete with mattresses and large, soft pillows. Ready your pajamas and be ready for a nice slumber party! Rest and relax, you have all the right to be lazy.

Viewing Party. 

One of the activities that most girls do in a sleepover is a viewing party.  Prepare a playlist of your favorite movies. You can also opt for TV series and start the marathon. The time is all yours. Just make it sure that you have a common choice for you may start many but never finish one. Bring snacks you can pig out while watching.

Cook and Dine. 

A night out is incomplete without good food and drinks. You can use cooking to bond with friends with stories and jokes. You may not even feel tired in doing so and you will be rewarded with delicious meals and refreshing drinks. Forget your diet for a moment. Enjoy your meal while enjoying time with your friends.

Food tour.

 Visit places where food stalls and kiosks were set every night. You will not just enjoy the food, the sight, and the fresh air, but also the company of your friends.

Night spa.

 You and your friends can go out and visit the wellness shop to pamper yourself. Indulge with whole-body therapeutic massage, personal care treatment. Have a pedicure and manicure too!

Display your singing prowess.

 Anyone loves video and karaoke, even you and your friends. Prepare a playlist of songs you want to sing solo or as a whole and belting it out can be fun and may occupy most of the time in the night. 

Visit amusement parks. 

Who says amusement parks are just for the kids? It can also be for the young at heart. Visiting the amusement park with your kids, bringing them to kiddie rides or just strolling along with their carts is entirely different from going there with your friends. Let out the inner child in you. Enjoy the rides and the games. You can enjoy different snacks like hotdogs and sandwiches, cotton candies, ice cream, popcorn, and fries. If you want your adrenalin rushing up, you can go to big kid rides.   

Hone your skills. 

A night free of schedule can transform into improving or learning new skills. You can enroll in some baking or cooking class, massage therapy, making crafts, dressmaking, and others. Ask some friends if they like to join you. There are schedules set to meet a mom’s busy day.

A music concert.

 You can book ahead to watch your favorite bands or singers perform. It can also be a rising star or a former group doing reunions. Whatever it will be, it will be a night of songs and music, and a little grooving too.

Tickle those funny bones. 

You and your friends can go out and watch a live performance of a stand-up comedian and laugh your stress out. Just like others say, laughter is the best medicine.

Appreciate arts and history. 

A time spent in the arts can be very relaxing, especially when you are doing it with friends. You can visit painting and photo galleries or might as well spend a night or part of the night at the museum. You can even watch a theatre act, a ballet performance or an opera.

Hotel stay. 

Why not spend a night in the comfort and luxury of a hotel? Bring some of your closest friends and you can choose from a wide array of hotels with good services offering deals and discounts. It can be a hotel outside town or just within your municipality. You can order room service, a hot tea or a mild wine. Enjoy pay-per-view flicks or a no holds barred conversation. You can split the expenses among your friends.

We hope that these activities help you feel recharged and prepared for days ahead with you cute, squirmy, little kids.

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