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Different Types Of Moms

When a woman turns to a mom, they become part of a group where women share the same experiences and who understand both the joys and struggles of a wonderful thing called motherhood. When you become a mother, you seem to automatically sign up for a club wherein members look as if they really understand being deprived of sleep and what entails the seasons of the journey to parenthood.

A woman realizes one thing after being part of this “sisterhood” though: despite the commonality of circumstances of parenting, there lie huge differences as well. Every unique trait that we have before our parenthood will stay with us even after a kid arrives, so it is not that surprising that every mom can parent their child a bit differently.

Here Are Different Types Of Moms

The Helicopter Mom:

The term “helicopter parenting” is very common in the English language right now. These are the types of moms that will follow their kids anywhere, moms that manage their kids’ relationships, and moms that speak for their kids. They also don’t allow their kids to any activity that may be risky. These moms are inclined to look down at other moms who prefer not to intervene with their kids every move. They can get suspicious of the kids that run around playing without super close supervision.

This type of mom believes that they are better than other parents because of their caring, and their controlling nature, though research does not agree. Kids who are always guarded by their mother will not be able to make a decision for themselves. They will feel less secure and may suffer from depression.

The Wine Mom:

We will never miss this one. This mom is always ready for a glass of wine. She can even have wine for breakfast. She has a different idea of a perfect playdate, and it is her children running around and playing while she chats while having a sip of wine.

A lot of moms have said that this is the only way for just to sit and have a glass with their girlfriends when they are in this phase of life. The idea of a wine playdate combination has been accepted. Even if it is acceptable these moms should know their limits. If you drink wine all day long or even when you are alone with your child can cause a big problem.

The Perfect Mom:

If a perfect mom passes by a mom, she will feel it in her bones. Perfect moms are always dressed immaculately with no stains, her hairdo, and her makeup are impeccably flawless. You will see that her children are dressed well and are clean. They eat nutritious food politely while not intruding on the adults’ conversations. The perfect mothers exist to make everyone feel awful.

The perfect moms can be nice, but they may not realize the ease from all these parenting which can make some people feel like they are just kids who are pretending to be a mom. She sees life as an easy obstacle. She is always on time; her children are in the extracurricular events and make a good meal every day.

But there is a darker side from a perfect mom. Some of them may look as if perfect, but they may actually be perfectionists. They strive to make everything appear like they have control over and can control them. With no prying eyes, they may be breaking piece by piece but still try to make it look like they are in control. Or maybe, who knows, they might be really perfect after all.

The Career Mom:

This type of moms work outside from home, and many people know it. While some moms decide to stay home with their kids, working, and she or even full time is the one for them. Career moms think that it is the only means to live. They can’t even control themselves asking a stay-at-home mom just because they think all their potentials are wasted by just being with their child all day.

Moms like these may love to do their job and may not understand that some moms that work part-time even stay with their kids are okay with their decision. They may also be a bit competitive and may use their career status to make other mothers feel so bad.

The Phone Mom:

These moms may not see their kid’s face on a little playdate unless its through her mobile phone’s camera. After they let their kids continue playing their eyes are always on their mobile phone and may just look up to take a little photo for Instagram to show her followers how she can be so involved as a mom.

Mobile phones are always part of our lives, but they surprisingly keep the moms from a place from the online world. The people that she talks personally may be less interesting from those whom she sends private message or text.

Today, it is hard not to become one of the moms who are addicted to their mobile phones since they use so much of their time trying to reach out to people from the internet instead of face-to-face. Though, the phone moms are a primary example that it is not a bad idea that they also have screen limits like their kids. We all know that having too many good things may lead to a bad thing.

There you go! What type of mom are you?

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