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Surefire Ideas: The Best Ideas for Kids Indoor Playground

Now that we are living in a modern digital era, most of the kids are choosing to play video games rather than physical activities. This is the main reason why most of the parents are aiming to go in an indoor playground to help their little ones to be engaged in different physical activities. Both indoor and outdoor playgrounds can help your kids in developing the physical, social, and mental aspects of their lives. Nowadays, many parents are opting for indoor playgrounds. If you are one of those parents who are aiming to have one, then these surefire ideas for kids’ indoor playground might help you in creating the best one for your little munchkin.

Castle themed indoor playground

When we are still little kids, we are always dreaming of becoming the princess and the prince of our own castle, right? Your kids are surely feeling the same way too. With that being said, it is best if we try to opt for a castle-themed indoor playground for them. This is indeed a great addition to the ideas for kids’ indoor playground. Take your kids back to the medieval period with this theme!

Ocean themed indoor playground

As parents, we are all aware of how kids love the ocean. That’s why opting for ocean-themed playground can make them smile. Since in the eyes of the kids, the sea is very mysterious, rest assured that once you choose this theme, they will have the spirit to explore the place, and they will enjoy the ocean vibes. Can you imagine their happiness while they are playing with the ocean-themed indoor playground?

Jungle Themed indoor playground

Another addition to the ideas for kids’ indoor playground is choosing the jungle theme for them. This is considered as one of the most exciting themes for them. For kids, it is inspiring to go for forest adventures. Many kids are raised in the city, so having a connection with nature can be their goal. Let them experience that nature vibe with a jungle-themed indoor playground. From the towering trees, up to the fantastic animals, they will surely fall in love with this theme.

Candy Themed indoor playground

Are you still having a hard time in choosing the indoor playground ideas for home? Candy themed indoor playground can be an excellent choice for you. Can you imagine the smile of your little boy and little girl while they are standing in front of their candy-themed indoor playground? Priceless right? If you want to see their priceless smiles for the nth time, then picking this theme for them can be the right decision.

Indoor Trampoline

Indoor trampoline is one of the great ideas for kids’ indoor playground. You just need to make sure that the things you will be using are all high-quality and safe for the kids. An indoor trampoline can help your kids in improving their blood circulation and digestion. There are lots of benefits that we can derive from an indoor trampoline; that’s why opting for this for our kiddos can consider as an excellent decision.

Different activities and ideas for kids’ indoor playground


Aside from the themes for an indoor playground, we can also add some activities to make our ideas for kids indoor worthwhile. The first activity that you can do is doing yoga. If parents are enjoying yoga, then their kids probably love yoga too. As an adult, you have to take note that they will not be as good as you. You will see them laughing while you ask them to stay quiet. But that is completely okay.

Freeze dance

Another great activity that your kids can do inside their indoor playground is the freeze dance. In this activity, all you need to have is a piece of lively music. Once the music stops, you have to encourage your children to freeze with their funny faces. Take note that you can use a variety of happy children’s songs too.

Copy dancing

This is considered one of the most exciting games for kids. This is very easy for your kids since all they need to do is to copy your dancing moves. This game is a perfect indoor game that allows your kids to enhance their skills in dancing. Turn on your stereo, select the best and lively music, and let your kids imitate your moves.

Pitching pennies

Are you familiar with this game? Well, pitching pennies is an ideal game not only for the kids but for the whole family as well. This game can help your child to develop their hand and eye coordination. If you don’t want to use coins in this game, you can opt for ping pong balls or marbles.

Indoor bowling

This is quite an exciting game to play inside the kids’ indoor playground. In this game, you can use empty soda cans or water bottles. You can now make your own bowling alley with the help of your creativity. You can use a tennis ball as an alternative to the real bowling ball. Rest assured that your kids will surely enjoy this activity.


Aside from games, you can also consider doing some creative stuff like bookmaking. In this way, you can help your child to develop their creativity. Since kids are very imaginative, you can help them to write their stories. This is a great way to build confidence and literacy skills.

Preparing easy snacks

This is one of the best bonding that both of you can have. Despite their young age, it is still best if you teach them how to prepare easy snacks like sandwiches. You can do this inside their indoor playground but you have to make sure that once you are done preparing the meals, you need to teach them to clean their mess.

Go for an indoor obstacle course

This game is advisable, especially if you have a big space inside your house. The indoor obstacle course is considered one of the best games to play during rainy seasons. In this game, you have to be careful in arranging all the furniture because it can harm your little ones. You can use hula hoops, exercise balls, and anything that you can use in arranging this game.

Follow the leader

In the game, follow the leader, you can be the leader, or you can choose one of your kids to be the leader of this game. You can do this activity inside their indoor playground. All you need to do is to make sure that they will cooperate. You can also pick a theme like following the leader’s facial expression or the leader’s gesture.


This game can challenge the mind and thinking skills of your kids. It can enhance your child’s cognitive abilities, hand and eye coordination as well as their social skills. With that being said, it is advisable to let them play this game inside their indoor playground.

Card games

Another great activity that they can do is to play card games. There are lots of card games available for your kids. Are you familiar with go-fish? Well, this card game is advisable for younger kids. You can also opt for a card memory game, crazy eights, spoons, and garbage or trash cards.


Dominoes is one of the most advisable games for your kids. This game can help your child to develop their critical thinking. Also, it allows your kids to learn different strategies. Did you know that dominoes also help your kids to develop their arithmetic skills? With that being said, it is advisable to encourage your child to learn this game.

There you go! You now have the best ideas for kids’ indoor playground. We hope that this article might help you in dealing with your child’s indoor activities and playing area. So the next time you are having a hard time thinking the best ideas for your child’s playground, don’t hesitate to make this article as your reference.

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