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Most Attractive Viking Baby Names

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When you heard of Vikings, these words swiftly come into mind – invaders, predators, and barbarians. They are often portrayed as great warriors from the Scandinavian era. Those Norse warriors who worship multiple gods and sailed the seas ransacking and conquering. So if you want a name for your baby that emanates boldness, roughness, fierceness, and savageness then a Viking name is a perfect idea. Imagine your baby admiring Thor powerfully smashing his thunderous hammer later on. Here, we present to you the names from the lands of Scandinavia to the traditional names of Old Norse, the language of Viking age, sagas, mythology, and folklore!


Thor came from the Old Norse which means “thunder,”. Thor is could be the most distinctive name from Norse mythology. He is an honorable and loyal warrior. Thor is famous for his incredible strength along with his powerful hammer. This can be a cool pick for your baby boy.


Odin is somehow a complicated persona from Norse mythology. A wanderer and seeker of wisdom aside from the ruler of the Aesir tribe. By being a god of war and poetry, he found a balance in extremes. 


This is no common name to the Viking age that means ‘godly strength’. It is widely used in Scandinavian countries, say for example the superstar Astrid S. from Norway.


Freya means ‘lady’  and is connected with beauty, fertility, and death. It is derived from the Goddess of love in Norse mythology who brought a seidr (divining magic) to the gods. The name has many variants such as Freija, Frejya, Freia and Freja.


  Ingrid is a popular name that means a beautiful goddess. It has been a famous name all over Scandinavia, from queens and celebrities to ordinary citizens. The name is commonly found across the globe as well.


Aesir is the name of the primary group of the Norse gods, the other is known to be Vanir. Most of the gods associated with the Norse myths are part of this group. Aesir is not a traditional baby name, though we think it will be a good fit to name either you baby girl or boy.


The name means the daughter of the sun or the path of the sun but can also mean ‘strong house’ through original Norse. 


The name means ‘the rememberer’ or the ‘wise man’ as in Norse mythology, Mimir is a counselor, sage to the gods, and wise person. It is not clear whether he was a god himself or not, though he was known for helping the gods preserve their traditions. 


The distinct meaning of this name is not known because it came from many different variants due to dialects. Basing from the Old Norse, the name means wisdom, victory, and beauty. Today, Sigrid is a common name that can be familiar even outside Scandinavia.


The cunning trickster persona of Norse mythology, Loki is a shape-shifter for having the ability to change his shape and sex. It is a great name for your baby who may acquire these incredible qualities as well.


Rune means letter and mystery. It is also the term for the first writing system of the Nordic people. It has a significance for both literal and mystical meaning. Rune can be perfect for either a girl and a boy.


Frig is a fun name mostly for English people. The name came from the goddess of fertility, earth, and air from the Norse Pantheon. She was the better half of Odin as well.

Though it received wide popularity in the Norse age, Frigg is rarely used today.


Sindri is the “red-gold roofed hall”. It is a form of heaven that is said to surface after Ragnarok (a large battle that destroys the world). The name which means ‘sparkling’ is perfect for your baby boy.


Siv came from the goddess of agriculture and fertility. In Norse mythology, she was the lover of Thor. The name has evolved to mean ‘bride’ over the years.


The name can also be spelled as Jeran. It means ‘harvest’ or ‘good year’ in the old Norse as it signifies rewards and prosperity. Jera or Jeran can e a lovely name for both genders.


This name is derived from the words – battle, and war. It has many variants such as Gunnhild, Gundhild, Gunhilda, and Gunnhild. 


Asgard is the name for the dwelling place of the Norse’s gods and goddesses, equivalent to the Mount Olympus of the Greek’s.  It is said to connect the world of humans through a rainbow. Though considered to be a nontraditional baby name, it would be a beautiful gender-neutral name. 


Lyr is the name of Menglad’s hall in Jotunheim which means ‘mountain of healing’. This name that came from a place would make a very nice name for a baby, especially for a girl.  


Tyr was a Norse god of war, but more importantly for its formalities – treaties and justice and the law. An unusual name for a boy, but easy for English speakers to pronounce, and we think it would sound cool and make a kid stand out from his classmates.


It sounds like another form of “Bella,” but in Norse mythology, “Beyla” was one of Freyr’s servants. She is the goddess of bees and better half to Byggvir who is also a servant to Frey.


This is a name that is easy to recognize and often associated with the conveyance of a story, tale, and fairytale. Saga is also the name of the goddess of history and poetry in Norse mythology.


Edda is a collection of Old Norse poems, it is the literature during the Viking age. Edda is the source of all the things we know about Norse mythology. This can make both a beautiful and unusual name for your baby girl.


Valhalla is the well-known hall of the afterlife for Norse heroes who met tragedy in battle. It would make a bizarre name for a girl, but an attractive nickname to the more recognizable “Val.”


Ve means ‘temple’. He is a brother to Odin and Vili who are well known for creating the world. It would be a cool name for your baby boy if you are into an unusual short name.

If you are looking for another set of names with fun and exciting meanings you can browse here.

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