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Best Cosmic Names For Babies!

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Choosing a name for your little angel can be a tough one, after all, there are millions of different, beautiful and bizarre names to choose from, you can choose from danish to Spanish names you name it.

But If you are tired of picking endless amounts of baby names across the web and you cant want to try something different and magnificent you can always go seek the answer to the universe itself!

Cosmic names or names based on intergalactic objects are a great way to name your baby, they’re innovative, out of this world magnificent!

If you’re looking for elegant and novel name inspiration, the answer is up in the sky! look to the heavens! See how majestic the stars are and look at how magnificent your baby name would be like! Parents nowadays are becoming wise in naming their children, parents go to a celestial approach to naming your new arrival will give your baby’s name a timeless appeal.

Here are some suggestions for names inspired by the solar system and all things cosmic.

Names that are based on the solar system are very unique and mostly unused, many babies are still given the traditional names, most cosmic names are also androgynous so it is really a wonderful choice for your baby.

Top 5 best cosmic baby boy names:

  • Apollo

This very masculine name speaks of great energy and warmth, this is a great name for your baby boy, Apollo is a Greek term used to define the solar energy or sun, in Greek mythology Apollo is one of the great gods who control the infinite light and the sun, Apollo is also a name for the futuristic innovative NASA space program.

In one way or the other, this name is a great name to add as your son’s first name or middle name!

  • Caelum

If you’re looking for a masculine name that sounds majestic and overall chic, you can pick Caelum as your choice for your baby boys name, Caelum in NASA terms is a name to a constellation of stars in the southern hemisphere of the world, it is a very beautiful constellation to look at.

  • Jupiter

If you’re seriously looking for an intergalactic name, look no more cause Jupiter is on its way to Greatness!

Jupiter is a fantastic name for your baby boy, Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system and the greatest gaseous planet with several rings, in Roman Mythology Jupiter is the equivalent of the Greek God Zeus which signifies its great importance and wealth!

  • Orion

Another on the list is the name, Orion, in space terms, Orion refers to the most bright and very well known constellation called the Hunter, you can surely check in your nighttime sky if it does inspire and surely it will.

Orion signifies the great wilderness of space that is beyond our sight and control but still, we can look at it and wonder about the great beauty of the galaxy.

Orion is a great name to choose for your baby boy, it is unique and very delightful to hear.

  • Nysa

Last but not least, the name Nysa is included on our list! It is a great name that in Greek terms describes the wonderful mystery of the skies within us.

Nysa in space terms defines the big chunks of rocky asteroids in the Main belt of our solar system, Nysa means great toughness and strength, a kind of strength that MMA fighters should have.

Now that we are finished with the baby boy names relating to the galaxy, solar system and the universe beyond, let’s now move on to our top picks for the best baby girl names relating to the cosmos!

Top 5 best cosmic names for girls:

  • Amalthea

Amalthea is a very elegant and beautiful name that has feminine undertone to it, it is a great pick for your baby girl to have.

Amalthea is one of the moons orbiting the biggest planet, Jupiter, which has a vast amount of large craters and mountains, it is definitely habitable and the conditions surrounding it are extremely deadly to humans.

  • Aurora

Just like the princess from the sleeping beauty, Aurora is a very classic feminine name that often pertains to the beautiful colors of the northern hemisphere.

Aurora denotes a very sweet, gentle and loving feminine energy just like the princess in the classic movie, Aurora can also be traced back to the ancient roman civilization wherein people would worship the Roman goddess Aurora, the great goddess of sunrise.

  • Bianca

Bianca is also one of the best cosmic names it pertains to the 13 bright moons orbiting the planet Uranus, Bianca is a very sophisticated and magnificent name that is included in the most popular names of 2014 and 2015

  • Astrid

Astrid is a very edgy name for your baby girl, it has its origins in the nordic-scandinavian languages, the name Astrid is based on the powerful alphabet of the Scandinavian Phoenician, it means of great female strength and dignity.

Astrid in space terms pertains to the very first and official microsatellite of the Swedish Space Corporation.

  • Celeste

Last but not the least when you’re expecting a baby name you can always look on the surface of it! Celeste is from the Latin term celestial which means heavenly or celestial in English.

Celeste is a very womanly name that speaks to us in many ways, she can be bright, angelic, beautiful and wonderful but she is not without the nighttime, covered in porcelain stars, shining above, beautiful, elegant and at the same time vague and mysterious.

Final notes:

This top pick names for baby girls and boys are just one of the best cosmic names out there that have proven their efficacy in usage and deep meaning, however, these top picks are not the only cosmic names out there.

You can read more about space and our solar system and you might find great names to pick for your baby, just always remember that picking your future baby’s name is an important part of your journey towards parenthood and their first step in building their identity, so reach for the stars for inspiration and remember, pick and choose wisely!

Happy picking!

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