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7 Myths about Hypnobirthing That Need to be Busted

No birth is the same, it is always different. There are many misconceptions about many options in helping you deliver your baby. That is also true in hypnobirthing.

From having to give birth at home to not being allowed to take in medication let us talk through what is hypnobirthing really like and what are the common myths about hypnobirthing that really needs busting.

To help you decide and learn about hypnobirthing, here is a list of the top 7 myths about hypnobirthing:

1.  Is hypnobirthing only for ‘hippies’?   

Hypnobirthing is actually for everyone. The name can be a misconception that it’s only for hippies but it’s not. Hypnobirthing class is a complete course. You will be learning vital breathing techniques and everything that you could expect in antenatal education classes. The emphasis also lays on the understanding of the laboring of the woman and how hormones play during birth delivery. You can also make decisions with your health care providers and birth preparation.

2. Can’t you have medication when you’re on hypnobirthing? 

 Can’t you have medication when you’re on hypnobirthing?

You can control your body. Hypnobirthing techniques are even more potent than morphine and it can support your body in assessing the pain. Drugs are certainly not something to be prohibited but they do can carry risks. It is up to you if you want to intake drugs or pain-reliever.

3. What if I don’t fall asleep? Will the CD still work?

Hypnobirthing CDs work on the subconscious. When we are sleeping, our subconscious will absorb all of the CDs. The key is in practice and repetition so that our subconscious will create new patterns all by itself. 

4. Is it possible to have a pain-free birth?

Hypnobirthing can maximize the oxygenated blood and can boost painkilling hormones. Pain quite depends on every individual and it differs because we have different pain tolerance. Some moms said that they didn’t feel any pain. Other moms said that they felt there was a reduction in the pain but there is still pain. 

The truth is your body is designed to give birth. Sometimes fear prevents a comfortable birth. Adrenaline blocks oxytocin and oxytocin helps oxygen to support the uterus in order to work gently to make pain manageable. 

5. Is hypnobirthing just about breathing?

Is hypnobirthing just about breathing

The emphasis is on breathing techniques because it has a vital role in producing oxytocin that carries oxygen to the uterus. It can help in the reduction of pain depending on the amount of measured and slow breathing that is directed down to the baby.

6. Do I have to give birth at home if I do hypnobirthing?

The truth is no. Hypnobirthing can really work wherever you are. But to achieve the best of our primal brain, it needs a quiet, calm, and safe space. That’s why women usually want to do it at home because it is free of strangers and noises that can make you feel more relax. Other women who decide to labor in birth centers or ward are still able to deliver successfully.

7. What if I’m having a C-section, is hypnobirthing safe?

For C-section mommies, there is a special CD. There are abundant benefits. The breathing technique also makes the surges less painful and more effective. A calm and relaxed manner is very beneficial for babies during birth.

These are the top 7 myths about hypnobirthing that really needs busting. Now that you know the truth behind these myths, you can have more freedom to decide if you can accept hypnobirthing classes during your pregnancy. You can research more about this and ask your health care provider for some advice and suggestions. Parents only want what is best for their babies. And mommies, in particular, only want the easiest and less painful delivery as possible. With research and thorough guidance from your doctor, you can find the right method suitable for your pregnancy. We hope that you will have a safe delivery.

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