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The Most Suggested Tips on How to Breastfeed Like a Pro the First Time

Breastfeeding is one of the processes that you need to intake right after you have taken birth to your baby. The first minutes and seconds are significant because of it where your baby will feel your warmth and presence as a mother. Though for some, breastfeeding cannot occur due to lack of milk in their breast while others are granted enough milk to pour out as food for their kids. 

If you are a first-time mom, there’s no actual reason for someone to expect to know how to perfectly do breastfeeding (not unless you are a nurse or does have many babies before). You might be experiencing some hard time dressing up while breastfeeding and sure it is that you may have a lot of questions as first-timer and you don’t have to worry because it shouldn’t be a big deal to worry about. Some of the questions that may arise are like how to breastfeed like a pro the first time? What should be the newborn breastfeeding schedule? Are there even breastfeeding problems? And what are the breastfeeding challenges that one may encounter? Well, the next thing that you should probably do is read some breastfeeding tips for you to be guided accordingly and be like a pro even if it is your first time!

To guide you well, here are some breastfeeding tips and guide for new moms also the best tips on how to breastfeed like a pro the first time. We wanted you to be the best mother and give out all the best for your baby. Keep in mind to note these tips and be mindful of the helpful techniques!

The most suggested tips on how to breastfeed like a pro the first time.

Patience is a virtue

The key to motherhood is having this value and virtue. Of course, if it’s your first time, know that there will be a lot of a hard time. Consider also that you will have some fight times with your husband or wife. Adjusting the procedure will always be there and that you have to keep in touch with your emotions and feelings altogether. As what they say and what you have known, the struggle is real. Even if you have been educated well enough throughout the pregnancy journey and process when the baby arrives everything will feel different and not normal as it may use and seems to be.

The main goal of your Breastfeeding is to get your nipple into his or her mouth as possible from the bottom of the jaw. Once everything has a start-up, everything else would follow and would have a light process for you and your baby. 

The pain will be present in every way

You have and need to understand that pain will always be present even after your pregnancy journey with your baby. It is just the start of you might having more sufferings and pain than ever because there will be a lot of sleepless nights most especially when you have to breastfeed your baby. Take note that the pain will be present most especially in the nipples part of your breast. You may have sore nipple pains but a good latch and might even bleed sooner or later. So choosing the best organic nipple butter to sore nipples would be one great remedy for this!

The first few weeks will be like hell when the baby latches on the breast will burn intensely. On the other side, the positive side of that pain is that it will just fade for about 20 seconds and the pain will eventually move away. 

To be pro-breastfeeder mom, you need to follow these steps on how to latch your baby and make her fall for your trap like to breastfeed. Follow these tips quickly and try doing it to your baby! 

Steps in Latching up your baby

There could be a possibility that you will have a weak latch breastfeeding due to some possible reasons. There could be some newborn feeding formula that might be hiding through some bushes to help you out in your motherhood journey. So, here are some breastfeeding latching tips! 

  • The first tip that you should do is to encourage your baby’s lip by tickling him or her to open wide her mouth. 
  • The next thing that you would like to do is to pull your baby close to the point that the lower jaw and chin moves into the breast at the first point. 
  • You need to watch over the lower lip and target the nipple as soon as possible for the baby to open wide and take a full mouth of the breast.

The feeling of breastfeeding for the first time. 

There will be some minor or unstable and uncomfortable feeling when you have your first time breastfeeding for the first time. You may notice that at times, babies are making noises while breastfeeding. It is not only you in that kind of matter but your baby will also feel a different way. In this sense, you don’t have to be scared because both of you are adjusting very well into this normal situation. 

If you are quite familiar, skin-to-skin or chest to chest contact is the important thing that helps your baby to get used to the outside world. It is very amazing how this thing works and how God created this evenly matter for mother and daughter. This is usually the answer to the question “what do I need to know about breastfeeding”. An amazing fact that you would want to know is that the first hour that your baby is born, he or she is in to having a normal reflex and is alert to what is happening around them.

Generally, you may feel strange as it may be new to you. But it feels amazing and nothing can replace the moment you’re having with your baby. This is the time you need to latch and breastfeed your 


It is no wonder why mothers eventually choose to breastfeed their children. For instance, it is not only nourishment and nutrients which you can give your child. It is also about learning to value the bond and growth within both you and your child. Breastfeeding is indeed painful and quite a tough experience for mothers. Yet, many mothers have proven that breastfeeding is not just a simple formulated milk because it somehow brings good values into their child. You can’t tell though if breast milk is effective for your child, not until he or she cries for some other milk than yours, then that may be the time for you to switch into a formulated one.

Keep in mind that your child’s growth is more important than anything in this world. It will be very beneficial if you take into account the positives and negatives of breastfeeding for you to be like a pro breastfeeder. Nurture your body and your motherhood through breastfeeding! Take note of the following breastfeeding facts that we have provided you and keep in mind all the possible things that could happen too. 

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