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Nutritious Homemade Cereals for Your Baby

Normally, babies start eating solid foods at around six months of age while other babies might start as early as four months. It really varies on the baby if when can he or she bare to eat solid foods. As parents, when it comes to deciding which solid food you can give your baby can be very difficult. However, there is one food that is safe and a starter for babies and that food is what we call, cereals.

Nowadays, there are a lot of baby cereal foods that are being sold in the market. Well, if you have time to make on your own, it is safer to make homemade baby cereal foods. Homemade baby cereals tend to be more nutritious and fresh. Do-it-yourself cereal is way better than buying readymade cereals. If you have no idea or not aware of how to do it, then this article will help you,  together with the benefits of cereals and different recipes that you can choose from.

Benefits of cereals for the baby

Cereals with a little breast milk, formula milk or water have always been the leading food many parents feed their babies. Yes, it is cheap and inexpensive, quick and easy to mix with other foods and most importantly, rich in nutrients and minerals. Cereals are also digestible for babies and less likely to cause allergies.

Cereal meals are considered to be the healthy first food for the babies since it gives babies the nutrients they need. Nutrients such as iron and zinc are the nutrients that babies can most likely get from cereals.

Advantages of making cereals for your baby

Parents who decide homemade baby cereals for their babies have many reasons for their choice. These reasons are:

  • They are sure about what they are feeding their babies
  • They can save money than buying readymade cereals in the market
  • They know that what they prepared is fresh and free of preservatives
  • They can choose their own ingredients instead of relying on the flavors chosen by manufacturers
  • It makes the baby used to eat food with the family, only that, it’s just in puree form

As parents, when it comes to doing it yourself approach in making foods for your baby does help you think and decide more about what you are feeding your child. It gives you time to make meals that are healthier even as she gets old.

Disadvantages of making cereals for your baby

Despite the benefits and advantages of making your own baby cereals, there are also some disadvantages that you might experience in making. You may want to consider these factors if you have plans.

  • Creating and preparing a lot for just a little serving of homemade cereal foods is very time-consuming. It’s fast to just by in the market.
  • When buying readymade cereals may give convenience
  • Readymade baby foods don’t need storage until they are opened compared to homemade foods, it may spoil too quickly.

Best homemade cereal for babies

Rice cereal meal may be a common choice for parents. If your baby got used to liquid foods, such as milk and water, then cereal can be the best food to introduce to them. Fruits, vegetables, and meats will just follow. These are some delicious homemade cereal recipes that you can make at home.

  • Rice cereal meal

This homemade baby rice cereal is one of the best first solid foods you can feed your baby. It is delicious, smooth and creamy. You may choose brown rice since it has more nutrients than white rice. Cereals can be fed not only for babies but also for toddlers up to three years.

  •  Oats porridge and apple cereal

This homemade cereal meal can be made in so many ways depending on the parents. It can be made using milk or fruit like apple, pear or banana. It is best since oats are considered to be one of the least allergic foods. This can be best served to babies over 8 months.

  • Dal and rice cereal

Rice and dal mix is handy and very convenient whenever you want to make an instant meal for your baby. It’s like a travel-friendly recipe, perfect when you’re traveling with your baby.

  • Oatmeal cereal

Oats are rich in calcium, fiber, protein and even some B Vitamins. This cereal is best for babies from one year old and above.

  • Barley cereal

Barley is a versatile and nutritious grain to offer for babies. It can be made into cereal or even cooked into soups. It can be easily combined into a soupy and cereal like evenness. It is also rich in nutrients that the baby needs.

Tips to remember in making cereal for your baby

Parents all over the world feed their little ones baby cereals. Whether it be homemade or readymade, either way, there should always be an awareness in feeding your child with these. Look at the useful tips before introducing them to your child.

  • When making your own baby cereal, always make sure the ingredients you will put are fresh and clean.
  • Wash thoroughly from the fruits, vegetables and even the containers where you will put the food.
  • When buying oats or juice for ingredients, always make sure that it is still valid and unexpired
  • Do not make baby food when you are sick. Give it a break.

Final words

Whatever foods we will feed the babies, it is always important to give them healthy and rich in mineral foods. Babies tend to be very choosy when it comes to food intakes, if this is the case, it is always better to seek advice from experts or professionals.

No matter what they say, commercial baby foods are not always the best for babies. We know that these readymade foods deprive nutrients for the babies. And what’s even worse? It contains preservatives that are very undesirable for health. So even if it’s hard, even if you’ve got a lot of work, just make a little time doing your own baby cereals. It is always safer that way.

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