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Parenting Tips: 10 Tips on How to be a Successful Single Mom

It’s a hard truth for all single mom, that you must always balance work and personal life. So, you might be wondering how to be a successful single mom since being a single mother is no joke.

It’s okay to feel lonely and lost. You can easily feel like your life doesn’t matter anymore since everything is your kids. While most parents would agree to this, not having another parent to share the burden with can be extremely excruciating.

If you’re a single parent, you’re responsible for having employment and evaluating your budget even when everything gets tight, but also, you’re tasked with the massive job of parenting. It’s already challenging for two parents to deal with kids and it’s even harder for single mom living alone. So, how to manage it all? The following are the 10 tips on how to be successful as a single mom.

1. Release your baggage

It can be hard to stay optimistic, but you and your child can benefit if you do. The reminders of your past life can be heartbreaking and can inhibit you from concentrating on the best things that are taking place now. You can consider selling your engagement and wedding jewelry, discard or donate items of smaller value, and you will realize that’s easier to move forward with your life.

2. Build a support network for yourself

Build a support network for yourself

You need “Me Time” as well as it’s important to know that you need to spend time with other people, too. Couple parent has an easy time making friends with other parents who have children in the same age range, but it’s often painstaking for a single parent. You don’t want to be a single mom with no family or friends. Don’t be ashamed or hesitant about mingling and talking with other mothers even your kids don’t have the same interests.

3. Act as a money guru

As a single parent, you must teach your kids or kids how to handle money correctly. Educating even simple ideas like saving and tracking what spent to help make sure that your kids develop smart money habits that will help them a lifetime.

4. Health as a priority

As a single mom struggling financially, staying active and eating well is a must. Your children can participate in, enjoying bike rides, neighborhood walks and you can even teach them easy kitchen skills and enjoy making nutritious meals together.

5. Enjoy device-free time together

Enjoy device-free time together

Your smartphone allows you to connect to your friends, family, colleagues, and even coworkers. But spending too much time on technology can have bad effects on your child’s self-esteem. Try “together time” the main concern. After you have managed all the important duties, make time to be with your kid all day. Not only you’ll enjoy the personal relationship but also, you will be an excellent model of good online behavior.

6. Take your kid on excursions

As a single mom living alone, you are more than a parent to you kid, you’re a mentor, guide, teacher, and more. Day trips even to just some local venues can help you build a stronger relationship with your kid and introducing him to experience. Most neighborhoods provide at least several recreational activities, so use them to your advantage.

7. Constant discipline

Most children get into a fight and it’s just part of childhood. Simultaneously, it’s essential to keep in mind that kids must know what’s expected and they want to know what to expect about after-effects when those expectations aren’t fulfilled or when set limits are hard-pressed. Avoid empty intimidations, don’t be a pushover and keep your anger under control. Discipline must create learning, not make the gap between you and your kid.

8. Show your kid to good man role models

Male tutors like grandfathers, uncles, coaches, scout leaders, and others are important for both girls and boys. Be very careful when selecting potential aspirants, making sure that you both have the same values. The male good example must honest and ready to hang out with your kid.

9. Set a routine and stick to It

Set a routine and stick to It

Excluding for vacations and holidays, it’s essential to make sure that your kid sticks to conventional practice. So, how to make life easier as a single mom? Make a habit to be consistent with scheduling wakey time, mealtimes and bedtime and allocate family time and kids as well. Every day, the weekly, monthly and annual practice can establish permanence.

10. Date! 

Dating can be an exciting activity for you and a great opportunity to show your child the great side of meeting new people and relationships. Many single parents can feel nervous regarding dating again, particularly when thinking about their children. But there’s no way to compromise with dating that lets for a happier you and in the long run a happier mother. 

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