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Name Variations and Suggestions 18 Girl Names Like Emily

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As a pregnant woman undergo the 20-week anatomy scan, she will not only know the development and progress of her baby, it is also a suitable time to know her baby’s gender. 

When it was revealed that a mother will be having a baby girl, she can focus on preparing everything for her little princess. She may opt to buy baby clothes, onesies, booties, and knit caps in the shade of pink. The nursery room can already be painted in pink and baby needs can also be bought with feminine prints and designs.

One of the things that is given weight and consideration is giving the baby her name. Name can break or make a kid. No one wants to choose and give an unfitting name.  

There are parents who want to name their baby based on her grandma’s or her mother’s or her aunt’s name. Does somebody of them named Emily? You may want to opt for names that are similar or related to Emily for your new little one. What can be the best options? Here are some baby girl names like or similar to Emily.


A traditional girl’s name, Amalia has its roots from different languages but equates to one. It means “work.” It is considered a cross-cultural name as it is fitting to different nations and languages. It rose to fame in the eighteenth century because of the European duchess, Anna Amalia. It still radiates the same prestige as the current heir to the Dutch throne is Princess Catharina Amalia of Orange. It can also be spelled as Amalya or its variation Amelie. Thanks to the French film ‘Amelie,’ the name is gaining popularity again.


The name Amy can be traced with its French and Latin origin which means “beloved.” This is a fitting name for your beloved little princess. This short name of two-syllable ranks as the second most famous baby girl names in the 70’s after another classic name Jennifer. Adding to its classic appeal is being one of the protagonists in the classic novel turned film ‘Little Women.’ It holds to its classic appeal as it is making a comeback with famous celebrities bearing the name like the actresses Amy Adams and Amy Ryan, singer Amy Grant and author Amy Tan. Another variation of the name is Aimee.


This name of Latin origin reflects a lot of positive meanings – “work,” “industrious,” “striving,” “laborious” and “eager.” That can fit your daughter’s independent, energetic and active personality.


The name has its Latin word derivation that means “graced with God’s bounty.”


A variant of the name Emily that reflects a good meaning is Emery. From its German origin, the name means “industrious.” This gains popularity as one celebrity baby’s name through Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn.


Tracing its roots from the Arabic language, Amberlyn means “a jewel-quality fossiled resin.” It can also refer to the color of the same name with a warm honey shade.


A compound of Emma, Gemma is another name related to Emily. With its Italian origin, the name means “precious stone.” Wow, that is a name that can best describe your precious female baby, a precious gem. Classic author Dante Alighieri’s wife is Gemma. This is a stylish variation of Emma and Jenna.


Emilia is believed to be the feminine form of the name Emilio which can also trace its roots from the name Emil which means “excellent.” It has its Roman origin but is also appealing over Europe and the Americas.

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The name is often identified with the television awards the Emmy’s. It can also be spelled as Emme or Emmi and is often used as a nickname for other names with Em. The name means “work” and “universal.” This is also a name similar to Emma.


This name is related to Emily’s name variation, Emma. The name may be short but it holds a lot of meaning. From its German and English origins, it means “all,” “completely,” and “fairy maiden,” and “light.”

Ella can also be an equally striking nickname to Isabella, Arabella, Cinderella, Eleonor, and more. And who can forget the popularity of Ella Enchanted and the iconic jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald?


Another Emily name variation is Ellery. With its English origin, it means “island with elder trees.” The name applies to both baby girls and boys. It is also a variation of the name Hillary.


The name Lily traces its origin from the delicate and yet pretty flower of the same name. It symbolizes purity, innocence, and elegance. The name is often chosen in some literary works like The House of Mirth, The Secret Life of Bees and the Harry Potter series.

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Although associated with the name Emily, Millie can also be a nickname for Millicent. The name has its origin from the English and German origins. Famous Millie of today is the British actress Millie Bobby Brown who plays Seven in the TV show Stranger Things.  The name varieties include the classic Mila and Milla or Millie.


The name Leila can be fitting to baby girls who are born during the night since its Arabic and Persian origin means “night.” Variations of the name include Leigh, which means “pasture” or “meadow” and Lila and Lillith.


Tracing its roots from its German, English and French origins, the name Emmeline means “work.” Famous reel-life Emmeline includes Emmeline in the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Brooke Shield’s character in the Blue Lagoon in the eighties and the witch Emmeline Vance in the Harry Potter series. 


A regal name with a classic appeal, Emmalynne means “peaceful home,” “rival,” “laborious,” “eager,” “entire,” and “universal.”  No wonder that the name has a universal appeal and a lot of positive meanings. A variation of its spelling is Emmalyn.


The name Emlyn has a Welsh and Latin roots that translates to rival. This is variation for a more feminine sounding Emily variant.


The name is a variation of the name Eulalia and has its French origin which means “sweetly speaking.” Its classic appeal can be trace through Edgar Allan Poe’s poem of the same title, in Gone with the Wind and Music Man

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A recap

Spellings for Emily as a girl’s name can also be Emelie and Emile.  It manifests a lot of positive and beautiful meaning such as “industrious” and “hardworking.” You’ll never regret giving it to your new baby daughter. If it sounds too common or too simple for you, you can choose equally pretty baby name alternatives from these girl names like or similar to Emily list.

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