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Physical Fitness for Kids

Physical Fitness for Kids

Children need to be physically healthy and fit while they are still young. Parents can help them achieve it. Kids need physical activities to build their strength, confidence, and coordination. It is important in establishing a healthy lifestyle for them while they are still young. Kids who are now going to school have many chances to do physical fitness for kids like sports, games and more. It can be suited to their ability, age, interests, and personalities. Parents can ask their kids what certain activities do they feel they would like. Many kids love daily physical activities as long as it’s fun. 

Kids are recommended to have at least 1 hour or more of moderate to intense physical activities on a daily basis. There are so many benefits of physical activity for children. In order to be motivated in encouraging your kids to have physical activities daily, here are some good reasons why is exercise is important for kids:

Good reasons why physical fitness for kids are recommended:

  • They will become more flexible physically
  • They will develop strong bones
  • Their lungs and hearts are strong and healthy
  • They will keep a healthy body weight
  • Their mood and self-esteem will improve
  • They will have a lower risk of diseases and health problems
  • They will do better in school

How can I encourage physical fitness for kids:

Sedentary behavior is very common in kids. This is when they do less active activities such as playing video games, sitting in front of the computer or watching tv. That should be corrected so that kids will have a better lifestyle. 

Kids actually learn the most from their parents’ active lifestyles. Parents must include their kids in their physical activities and healthy diet. It’s easier when families do it so kids will follow. In order to better introduce physical fitness for kids, parents can choose activities that suit the kids’ age and development. You can organize structured activities like sports and unstructured activities like playing in the playground. As your kids grow and become teens, they may want to do some physical activities on their own. So you can encourage them to ride a bike with their friends. 

Here are ways you can keep physical fitness for kids:

  1. Make physical fitness for kids a daily thing. Keep the kids active by giving them some household chores and by inviting them to have a walk after dinner.
  2. Give them time to have free play. They can play tag, ride a bike, or play in the neighborhood. This is fun and healthy for them. They will surely burn some calories.
  3. You can keep sports equipment and games at home. So kids can play on them anytime. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can keep some assorted balls, jump ropes and hula-hoops. 
  4. Though they can still have a little time playing video games or watching television, parents should set a limited time for it. 
  5. Parents should come along with kids in being active. Playing with them is fun and they will love it. It will also count as a bonding time together.

How much time should you spend on physical fitness for kids

There are several physical fitness activities that parents can do with their kids. It can include games, sports, free play, cycling, walking, and recreation. Parents can take note of the different levels of intensity with the physical activities they can do. Here are two basic levels:

  1. Moderate intensity. These kinds of activities make the kids sweat and breathe a little harder but they can still have a conversation and talk. These include walking and bike riding.
  2. Vigorous-intensity. These activities make the kids sweat and feel out of breath. They cannot properly talk and have a conversation when doing these. These activities include swimming and running fast. 

How to avoid problems when doing physical fitness for kids

Parents should remember that children who participate in sports have a higher risk of injuries. So, parents should make sure that their kids wear the proper protective equipment when they are doing sports. These include but are not limited to a helmet and protective pads. Remember as well that kids who do one sport specifically can have overuse injuries. This can include joint injuries and fractures. 

It is also noteworthy that kids who have a chronic health condition or a disability should still be included in the physical fitness for kids. Though some activities might need to be changed or adjusted, parents can consult their doctor to know which activities are safe for their kids.

When your kids enjoy sports and exercise, it is more likely that they will adapt to it throughout their lives. When they stay fit and healthy, they can build good self-esteem, do well at school, decrease their risk of serious illnesses and prevent obesity. However, if your kids complain about pain during or after your physical activities, you can consult your doctor. 

The truth is, physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle are goals that everyone should strive for. As a saying goes, “If you can’t find time to exercise, you better find time to get sick”. And that’s true. Having a regular routine of physical activities is a good way to prevent illness and health problems. As parents, you should cultivate that goal so that you can make it a lifestyle. When you do that, you are freer and authorized to teach your children. Children, on the other hand, should be taught at an early age about physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. In that way, they are more receptive to it because that is what they were grown to.

For sure, there may be problems or challenges along the way, especially in maintaining a good routine. It takes discipline and time management to keep up with this routine in your busy schedule. However, it is not impossible to do so. If you haven’t done this, you can start immediately. It’s not too late to change your lifestyle into a healthier one. Little by little, gradually, you will be able to achieve a more liveable lifestyle. The results are priceless and worth the sacrifice. 

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