Toddler Activities: 14 Chores List for 4 Years Old Kid

Toddler Activities: 14 Chores List for 4 Years Old Kid

Four years old kids can brush their teeth, dress themselves and comb his or her hair. If they aren’t doing these activities on their own, we encourage you to start teaching them with these chores list for 4 years old kid.

Pick up their room.

What should I be doing with my 3-year-old? You must show your kids what a tidy room looks like. If his or her room is messy, work with them to clean the room and ask them to do one specific chore to work on at one time. Young kids are usually still discovering the idea of being on the chores for homeschoolers, so you want to assure you don’t overthrow them by tasking them of too many chores to complete then they’re ready to deal with.

Watering the plants.

Use plastic watering cans to make the daily chores for kids more fun and easier for their little hands.


If you a vacuum with attachment, your kids can use the attachments or smaller parts of the home or on furniture. Vacuuming a room with a little help from you is one of the chores for 9-10-year-olds.

Set Aside Laundry.

When your girls help with clean washing, you must have each of the kids put their laundry and towels. It’s great how fast things get accomplished when more people like these chores for 7-year-olds are working hand in hand.

Fold washcloths, underwear, hand towels, other small pieces.

As a mother, you often sort these things out of the big laundry pile. So why not create a small pile for each kid to fold, based on their folding skills. This is among the chore ideas for 14-year-olds.

Organize and fold socks.

Organizing and folding socks can be one of the fun chores for 12-14-year-olds. You can teach colors, counting and matching with it, as well.

Empty trash.

This a chores list for 4 years old kid since they’re big and strong enough to bind the trash bag and bring it outside to your back door or garage.

Setting the table. 

Teaching your kids how to set your table properly from the time they’re still kids, it’s an ability many grownups still don’t know.

Clear the table.

This is one of the best chores for 13-year-olds as they can understand how to clear the plates after every meal.

Mopping the floor.

You can get your kids’ child-sized mops and sure, they will love them. While they are still trying to perfect their mopping skills, they can be good at mopping the small areas of the house.

Dust/wipe down areas.

This is a chore chart for 4-year-olds since they are good at cleaning small floor areas, baseboards, dusting surfaces and wiping down cabinets. If you own a feather duster, they might love using it too.

Wiping down the door handles.

Give your kid a damp rag or cleaning wipe and ask them to wipe down all the door handles in the house. This could be one of the favorite chores for 7-year-olds.

Rinse plates and pile dishwasher.

A chores list for 4 years old kid is her can stand on a chair at your sink and wash the non-breakable plates (make sure there are no knives or sharp objects before allowing them to do the chore). They can also load the silverware and other non-breakable plates into the dishwasher.

Prepare simple meal.

Your kid learned how to pour milk and cereals, make her jelly sandwiches, toast, and peanut butter and pop popcorn. One of the best chores for kids by age is she can also help you when you’re cooking.

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