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9 Warning Signs During Pregnancy that Need a Doctor Check-Up

Only a few women are pregnant without worrying about what comes on the road. Fortunately, most continue to give birth to normal pregnancy and healthy children. During this time, women with special health conditions, or women with preterm birth should be worried if something goes wrong. 

Should You Call The Doctor? (Doctor Check up)

Bleeding and spotting

Bleeding and Spotting (Doctor Check up)

Bleeding, especially during early pregnancy, is very common during pregnancy, and in fact, about 25% of women in the first 13 weeks experienced more intense staining and bleeding.

It can be a sign of miscarriage. still, there are other reasons. Daniel landers, doctor of medical science, medical specialist, with the child’s mother at the ratio, currently most often involved in the transplantation of eggs in the inner layer of the uterus. Regardless of whether it is or not, there is usually a benign cervical polyp. This can happen after intercourse with a pregnant woman who has fragile tissue, and finally, when bleeding occurs, the mucous membrane that seals, then the cervix starts giving birth

If you bleed, please consult your doctor as soon as possible. Make sure your body temperature is at hand and explain what you feel when you call your doctor. 

Severe headache

Severe Headache ((Doctor Check up))

If you suffer from severe and persistent headaches, you should consult a doctor immediately, especially if it is due to fainting, dizziness or blurring of the eyes. Find a convenient place to wait for someone to feel nervous, sit down with other people while on the phone, or call a doctor. Drink water and lie down again on the left side. During the third trimester, headaches may indicate conditions that are characterized by preeclampsia and high blood pressure.

Frequent and painful urination

Frequent and Painful Urination ((Doctor Check up))

Frequent urination is a common problem during pregnancy, but with bladder defecation burning and pain are not such easy problems to deal with. This symptom is a sign of bladder infection, so please consult your doctor if you have any of these symptoms to prevent complications. If the moisture in the vagina does not stop, the doctor should make sure that it is not amniotic fluid. This is a serious concern 37 weeks ago as this leak could lead to labor and infections.

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Medium or severe pelvic pain

Medium or Severe Pelvic Pain ((Doctor Check up))

Many pregnant women experience pressure during pregnancy. However, intense and persistent pain is a concern. If the pain is not immediately relieved from stretching, or drinking water, consult your doctor.

Non-stop vomiting

Non-Stop Vomiting

Consult your doctor if you vomit more than once a day, especially in addition to fever and pain. You can have a texture that can be treated with prescription drugs.

High fever and chills

High Fever And Chills

Although fever is not fun at all, it can pose a health risk to your baby during pregnancy. The growth and development of Your child depend on maintaining a constant and healthy temperature in Your body. In the early stages of pregnancy, temperature imbalance can lead to serious damage to the system and perhaps leads to miscarriage. In late pregnancy, even if the temperature rises, the child is not strongly affected.

Steady and heavy vaginal discharge

Your discharge may indicate that your water bag has been torn, in which case you should visit the hospital as soon as possible. Now.

Swelling of the feet, hands or face

Due to the fact that changes in hormones cause excess fluid in tissues in pregnant women and cause an increase in blood volume by 30-50%, tumors during pregnancy can Certainly be normal.

However, if you’re definitely expanding between your second semester or your third semester, it’s a much stronger form than the usual water content. There is a possibility of this to happen.

Lack of fetal movement

In many cases, the doctor will advise you to talk to your child several times a day, even if you try to count it. If you don’t have a Cup of full tea, you should lie on the left side of a quiet room for half an hour and feel like it won’t move. If this happens, or if 2 hours have passed without having to move 10 times, be sure to contact your health care provider.

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